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    The file /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock did not exist.

    Manually create it by entering touch /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock

    Change ownership by entering chown mysql /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock.

    Restart the MySQL service by entering service mysql restart or /etc/init.d/mysql restart.

    Now I get '111 connection refused'.

    I'm certain I'm using the same password I entered in the KODI GUI when I installed the container.

    Is all this normal, or should I nuke the whole thing and start again? I haven't seen any of these steps mentioned in any tutorials I've read.

    Firstly, I am a real beginner so please be kind.

    My goal is to run KODI + Samba (LibreElec) and nextcloud on a single Pi which has an 8tb USB RAID1 enclosure connected to it. Maybe the Pi doesn't have enough power to do both these tasks, but energy efficiency is my goal over performance, so I want to at least try.

    I used a test microSD card with libreElec, made sure KODI and SMB works, everything good.

    Then I installed docker, and read a ton about what docker is and how it works. I get it, all good.

    I install the docker repo in KODI and then install a nextcloud container. Surprisingly, this seems to install with no fuss.

    Then I see a warning about using a lite db and see a preferred option to use Mariadb, which I saw when I was browsing through the docker repo. So I install Mariadb and set a config for port mapping, folder mapping and password.

    And that was where I get past the point of winging it and need some assistance.

    SSH in as root then:

    docker images
    REPOSITORY            TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
    lsioarmhf/mariadb     latest              f0864d82e9d0        2 days ago          295MB
    lsioarmhf/nextcloud   latest              0dc0bbe74775        2 days ago          159MB


    docker ps
    CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                        COMMAND             CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                          NAMES
    a0120c73dc4a        lsioarmhf/nextcloud:latest   "/init"             25 hours ago        Up 25 hours         80/tcp,>443/tcp   docker.linuxserver.nextcloud
    3049a08c04a6        lsioarmhf/mariadb:latest     "/init"             25 hours ago        Up 25 hours>3306/tcp         docker.linuxserver.mariadb


    docker exec -it docker.linuxserver.mariadb bash

    so now, IIUC, I am 'inside' the mariadb container.

    And this is where I am stuck. I know I need to create a database, but I am unclear how. There seems to be some extremely basic step I'm missing, as when I try:

    bash: CREATE: command not found

    Obviously I am still in BASH and not in mysql, but I'm lost with the next step, despite reading:

    A MariaDB Primer - MariaDB Knowledge Base


    CREATE DATABASE - MariaDB Knowledge Base

    I've really tried to learn this on my own, but I need a little pointer in the right direction. So far this community has been awesome.

    Installation is the easy bit. I had that done in about 5 minutes.

    Configuring it is another story. So far I've been trying to figure it out, on and off, for almost 2 days and I still can't even create a new database. All the online tutorials do not seem to be relevant to LibreElec. I just get a string of CLI errors, can't find the socket, etc, even from inside the docker container, when I try to follow a tutorial. Each new error leads me down a seeming endless mesh of interconnected rabbit holes, lol

    For me personally, the kind of services that require an "always on" machine.

    I have LibreElec running 24/7 so it makes sense to consolidate as many services onto one machine as is possible/ practical. This is where docker makes a lot of sense.

    NAS, bittorrent client, cloud storage and any other process that is required to be continually running is a prime candidate IMO

    I would also like to see some more in depth documentation for the docker images that are already available, especially information that is unique to running them on LibreElec.

    Search for "LibreElec Mariadb" and the results are a barren wasteland. "Mariadb docker" is marginally more fruitful, but much of that info is either super advanced or not helpful when just trying to do something simple like using Mariadb for Nextcloud on Libreelec. There is really a lot of information to unpack.

    Once I get it all working, I do plan to write a tutorial from a beginners perspective so I can contribute something to this great project.

    I have installed docker with nextcloud and Maria containers, but I am a complete beginner and need some simple instructions to get going.

    Does anybody know of a beginner level installation guide or tutorial?

    I've read a lot, and understand what docker is and how the containers work, but I really need some help to get going. I cannot open the nextcloud page after installation of the container, despite trying different ports. I suspect I need to set some kind of permissions, but I don't even know where to begin.

    Edit: I have no idea what I did, but it now works. I'd prefer it to still not work and learn what I was doing wrong! I'd still love to be pointed to some beginner resources. Google is turning up very little that is specific to libreElec, and with the container wrappers it seems a little unique.

    Also, docker commands don't seem to be recognised in putty, strangely.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm off grid on solar and to run nextcloud and Kodi on a single pi would save me a lot of energy.