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    Well all in all it's up to the user to chose the correct audio output. You've disabled the autoconfig and set RR_AUTOCONFIG_SOUND=false before you've manually edited the asound.conf file? If PulseAudio works it's fine since it supports more features anyway and it doesn't matter what you select in Kodi if you don't use the autoconfig.
    But again you use some kind of speakers if you don't use HDMI sound output? External speakers connected to an audio jack or internal speakers of your notebook?

    About this RR_AUTOCONFIG_SOUND=false, yes I disabled autoconfig before edit the asound.conf. And I wasnt using any kind of headphones, external speakers or the HDMI output on the notebook, I was just using the internal speakers.

    Error on speaker-test: surround21, surround41, surround50.

    No sound on speaker-test: all the hdmi ones.

    All the other ones worked on Kodi and on speaker-test but they didnt on ES, it's unbelieveable.

    After all this, I tried to change for PulseAudio in the "advanced.conf", then it worked on ES, but on Kodi I needed to keep in the default option.

    When I was using the version beta15a I didnt have this problem, do you know any reason for this problem to happen?

    Thank you!

    The result of aplay -L + speaker-test below if you want to check something:

    LibreELEC:~ # aplay -L | grep :CARD















    Well what is your actual output device in Kodi? Of course you have to chose the correct one first.If it didn't work on any platform I hardly believe that you've entered the correct device.

    For example if you use a HDMI output you probably have to set hdmi:CARD=PCH,DEV=0 or probably front:CARD=PCH,DEV=0 for an audio jack.

    Output device in Kodi is "ASLA: Default (HDA Intel PCH ALC269VC Analog)"

    I think I'm making some mistake, i see no reason for it isn't working.

    What's the output of aplay -L and what build do you use on what kind of hardware...

    Now I'm trying on a Notebook Core i3-6006U but I've tried on some different systems like: Desktop Core i3-3250 with a basic H61 Mobo, Desktop IPXJ1800E2, Desktop Core i7-4770 with a basic H81 Mobo. All those with the same problem.

    Build: LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-9.0-RR-201901-c30d584.img

    Hi, I have a problem with the sound, it doesn't work on EmulationStation, but on Kodi it works fine. I tried the possible solutions on FAQ, but I'm still without sound on ES.

    Since it is some Node.js stuff chances are pretty low. And to be honest I have no clue if Retroarch or SDL2 will detect this even if I would add a complete node Server. And all in all...why? I mean the gaming experience with touchscreens is inferior even to the cheapest real gamepads many old console or arcade games need a quite precise in

    Got it. And about Steam, have it some chance to be added? I'd like to use games streaming but i dont have a geforce gpu to use moonlight. ;(