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    That is very strange, i use makemkv addon on standard libreelec 9.0.1 and it works flawless.

    Possibly it won't work on 9.1 or 9.2 because the build environment has been upgraded, but there is a version for 9.1 i believe


    What version of libreelec are you using? There are different makemkv versions for different libreelec versions at the download link

    If you follow the instructions it should work, but i'm not the maker of this addon, just the compiler guy for libreelec 9.0


    I use a Antec Fusion 430 case, it has a built in ir receiver that supports mce protocol (rc6)

    I use it with a remote controller like the one HiassofT mentioned

    Pay attention to the display, the early ones don't support rc6 protocol (the ones with green vfd display)

    The later ones with the blue display are fine, although the display itself is pretty useless in my opinion

    This works in LE but you have to install imon mce addon first, it is in the standard LE addon repo.

    The eject button does not work, but can be added with a custom keymap. Instructions are in this wiki: Infrared Remotes [][]=remote

    Here are my remote files but the key codes could be different

    You have to remove the front panel completely (3 screws at the top inside the case, and 3 clips at the bottom) be careful not to break them.

    Carefully remove the panel and lay it flat in front of the case but use something soft to protect the front panel from scratching.

    Remove the lcd assembly by removing the 3 screws.

    Remove the lcd panel from the assembly with the screws.

    carefully cut the wires that come from the lcd panel to the pcb board, 1 on each side. (one should be enough, but i cut both)

    I did remove the flat wire too.

    Maybe it is enough to only remove the flat wire between the lcd and pcb, but i haven't test that.

    By only removing the flat wire the lcd will probably be lit, so that may not what you want.

    Use google to find images of how it will look and search for antec imon lcd

    Well, i do have the same case, and after trying for ages, i physically disabled the display by cutting it's wires from the lcd board.

    Under Windows modifying the config works and the display goes off but i never got it working in Linux.

    Besides the point that the display is utterly useless, but that is another discussion.

    I have chosen this way because i do want to have the remote support.

    The remote support works fine in LE, by installing the imon addon

    If you also don't care about the remote function, then disable the whole display by removing it's power and/or usb connector

    Just thought to add the little description on how to install and use this add on.

    First make sure which version of LE you are using, there are 3 versions at the download link. choosing the wrong version results in not working though

    Start librelec rr (or your LE version)

    Click on addons in the left menu.

    In the upper left corner click on the box icon.

    Choose install from zipfile.

    Browse to where you put the makemkv zip file (this could be usb drive, harddisk or network drive)

    Wait for it to install.

    Start the add on at least once to update/install the key! (Click on Addons in the left menu, and click on makemkv, popup will inform you)


    Make sure in LE settings that for Blu-Ray the simple menu is selected, blu-ray menus often don't work. It is under player settings/disc

    Insert a Blu-Ray disc and wait until the disc menu appears, but don't use this disc menu, it doesn't work!

    Click on video/files and select the line with your blu-ray disc and click play if you have a remote, otherwise right click on that item and choose play. Do not use enter or ok on your remote, it won't work.

    After this, if all goes well, there will be a list of found titles on the disc, sometimes only one but it can be multiple ones. if multiple choose the title with 800 in the title, or the longest title with the most chapters is usually a good starting point

    'll put it temporary on my homepage, just for you.

    I have no other means to provide a link and this is not intended to lure people to my website.


    Can i upload the compiled add-on makemkv somewhere so everybody who need it can download it?

    Here in the forum i can upload only 1mb files (it is about 4,5mb)

    I would like to share it,

    there must be others who like to use it on a standard LE 9.0.1 To my knowledge it is the only working blu-ray solution for Linux so far.

    Did you thought about opening a new thread specific for this add-on? We spoke about it before