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    Thanks for the update and the great work you are doing.

    On the release page, it says that the update is broken for the WP1, when using the img.gz image:

    LibreELEC (Leia) v8.95.2 BETA – LibreELEC

    I usually perform the update by using the LibreElec Addin in Kodi, which runs from the SD card located in the WP1. Could you please tell me whether the warning is also relevant in this use case?

    Thanks in advance and Happy New Year.

    I am nevertheless glad that Netflix is running in Kodi on the wetek play 1. It is connected to an older and small 20 inch TV. On that small screen, running only with the 480p resolution does not really constitute a problem IMHO.


    I also tried the pr3080 file and the sound problem seems fixed.

    As I am running LibreElec on a SD card on my wetek Play 1, I did not install the whole image, but I only replaced the kernel and SYSTEM files and their corresponding md5 files on the SD card. I noticed that the kernel files on the SD card were named kernel.img, while they did not have the extension img in the pr3080 archive. I used a linux computer to rename and replace the files on the SD card.

    I can confirm the shutdown problem on my two wetek play 1 boxes. Thus, I pull the power plug to turn them completely off. One of the boxes restarts without problems after pulling the power plug; the other however, does not start anymore after pulling the power plug: I have to first put the SD card into my linux computer and run a fsck over it to make it work again. I suspect that it does not boot up without the fsck because the filesystem is not in a clean state after pulling the power plug; but I don't know yet how to change it (probably disabling journaling or something similar...).

    In any case, thanks for the sound fix.

    Thanks for the hint.

    The Netflix addon is now running on my wetek play 1. I had to manually install the inputstream adaptive addon, which helped to install the DRM software.

    Netflix was stuttering at the beginning on my wetek play 1. So I opened the configuration window of the inputstream plugin and reduced the resolution from max to 480p, which removed all the stuttering and produced a fluid playback. Later, I will try whether it also copes a resolution of 720p.

    Thanks for the help.


    Can anybody tell me whether LE 9 is already supporting or will support Netflix on the Wetek Play 1?

    If so, will it be supported through the Netflix addon from asciidisco and inputstream? Currently, I am able to login into Netflix by using the Netflix addon, but I can't watch any movie because I don't know, where to get the decoding libraries from.

    Thanks in advance for any help.