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    Back to the topic, there's an update available from our side, which addresses one issue it seems.

    There's a second issue that the data might drop on certain Amlogic boxes, but as far as we've seen that seems to happen on very cheap devices only which possibly have some other issues.

    The last few Amlogic based boxes which we have tested did not seem to have such a problem.

    Sundtek SkyTV Ultimate - DTV_CLEAR failed [e=Success] - Hardware - CoreELEC Forums

    Strange thing, if you go to their website and try to navigate to this product you will not find it. Instead you will find Sky TV Ultimate 6. They have indeed promised a new version 2 months before. Thanks for the link.

    We've done a second revision of the tuner using another USB Chipset which is easier to handle (in terms of manufacturing) for us, the tuners will be assembled next week.

    PCBs should arrive any day now in our company, the components are ready - we assemble the units by ourself.

    The english product description is not up-to-date yet, the previous tuner revision is discontinued for some time already (no old tuners will be shipped anymore).

    - SkyTV 8 supports DVB-S/S2/S2X

    - Infrared Support via Interrupt transfers and/or polling