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    I don't have a HDR capable TV (but will soon and then can check for you), but I know various people reported that HDR works in this thread.

    I also know that the HDMI cable is important and the cause of many problems. Are you able to try another cable? They don't need to be expensive.

    Your TV should show the same notifications as with the test clips when it detects HDR.

    It works for me now too! Hooked up 2 Atmos speakers so I guess the receiver didn't bother showing Atmos on the input signal when it couldn't use it. /shrug

    Question on the new device trees that can be found here: where can I find or can someone confirm there is one that works for a Vorke Z6 Plus (S128, 3GB, 1000M)?

    I'm currently using the gxm_q200_3g.dtb found here from October 2017. I tried most of the gxm_q200 and gxm_q201 dtb's but none would boot. I found the post below by ganxiao2008 that may explain why, but couldn't find a response to that. BTW, I agree with putting the q200 dtb's in the gigabit folder. I had no idea those all have gigabit by default and was also looking in the wrong place.

    I'm trying to get the display working for which wrxtasy mentions here that you need to use the latest device trees.

    Thanks Hyacin, good to know it should be working. I am testing with Dolby Atmos trailers from and, so I'm pretty sure the file has got Atmos.

    I'll dig a bit deeper. It is prep work at this stage as I'm still at 5.1 (so I guess there is a slight chance that the receiver will not report Atmos on an input signal in a 5.1 setup, but that would be really stupid). I should be Atmos capable soon though, I'm poised to hit the buy button on a pair of Kef R50s, but haven't found the right "explanation" for the expense yet ;)

    Just got a Vorke Z6 Plus in this week and works super! I especially got it in anticipation of the TV dying soon, but until I can play with 4K and HDR I'm focusing on audio.

    Passthrough works for almost everything including TrueHD and sounds great. But I can't get Atmos passed through. My receiver is a Denon x3400h.

    Since TrueHD works I figure Atmos should too.

    Can someone confirm it works for them? I'm running the latest: LibreELEC-S912.arm-