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    Wow. That was supposed to be humour? Rather than welcoming someone looking to improve the wiki, I'm greeted with sarcasm and innuendo. Then, I explain the confusion I experienced, offering to help make it clearer to new people like myself, and I'm pretty much told not to bother. Sorry for trying to help. Confusion is good for forum activity, I suppose. I thought Linux groups had grown more welcoming to newcomers in the past 20 years, but it would appear I was wrong; it's just like the old Red Hat days. I'll stick to the Kodi forums as they seem to be a bit friendlier. Go ahead and delete my wiki account. I can take a hint.

    Just to add it to your collection of Wiki accounts, or do you have actual plans to update our Wiki page(s)? And if so, what are your plans? Someone asking already for a wiki account just like that on the first forum visit here simply seems a bit strange to me.

    LOL! Certainly a fair enough question given my new account, but I don't feel I deserved the sarcasm. Normally, I would have said why, but the first post said there was no further explanation needed.

    Anyhow, I just spent 2 days and about 4-6 hours of searching, trying to figure out why my setup was giving me an "Operation not permitted" when adding sources to Kodi. Eventually, I found a single post explaining how to create and properly populate the passwords.xml file. I thought it odd that it wasn't documented either on the Kodi or Libreelec wiki or any other guide on the internet; most forum posts simply reference the filename and fail to elaborate. While trying to figure all that out, I also realized that the information surrounding enabling SSH isn't entirely correct on the wiki. It states that if you don't enable SSH in the initial wizard, it can't be done. But, if you open up the Libreelec addon, you can change the SMB and SSH settings after installation.

    This was my first time trying to set up Libreelec (long-time Kodi user, though) and if it was that difficult to figure things out, I can't be the only one who got stumped and thought I'd help others out by updating the wiki after I got everything working correctly.