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    Pls add sound on HDMI1 port.

    Sound work only on hdmi0 port. add sound to both hdmi micro port.

    i try add line hdmi_drive=2 in config file but no work. only hdmi0 port have sound.

    i try chg in kodi option hdmi/analg and hdmi+analog but nothing.

    Mybe add hdmi2 in this option in kodi?


    I have RP4 2gb - original 3A power and last libreelec (LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-9.2.3.img.gz) + samsung TV. hdmi0 sound work fine. hdmi1 have only pictures(no sound)

    Thx. All work fine now

    Hello again,

    I managed to build new images for H3 boards with onboard Realtek WIFI driver (RTL8189FTV). It's not so hard to fix problems with new 5.2 kernel. Thanks for jernej for you help :) If someone need WIFI like me here are images for H3 boards.

    Images tested only for Orange Pi plus 2E. Other should work also but not tested.

    Built from LibreELEC Master Jul 19, 2019 -

    I couldn't confirm it to 100% but it seems your wifi is realtek and this is not easily supported, so that jernej is not supporting it in the normal images, someone did some special image with realtek wifi, check further back in this thread if you are interested.

    Thx for help.

    All work fine with this img.


    internal WIFI work on OrangePi-Pc+


    i try LibreELEC-H3.arm-9.80-nightly-20190919-de5dc4f-orangepi-pc-plus.img on my ORANGE PI PC+ and WIFI not work(boot) ALL other work fine. Wired work fine- USB wifi stick work fine but integral WIFI not work. Not response..

    LibreElec option/Connections is Empty. when i plug in an external usb wifi adapter i see my why network

    any help

    LibreELEC-H3.arm-8.0-devel-20170516114055-r25546-g745f679-opipcplus.img - see internal WIFI

    OpenELEC-H3.arm-7.1-devel-20161026221641-r23113-g64b34b3-opipcplus.img - see internal WIFI

    As mentioned in OP, RTL8189FTV driver is not included and due to future direction of LibreELEC it probably won't work later anyway, unless someone rewrites driver completely. I suggest you use some cheap wifi dongle which already have good mainline kernel support.


    this version have driver for wifi . only 9.0 not have :(

    Can I somehow extract drivers from version 8.0 and plug in 9.0?

    i use dongle but every hour OPI reset

    EDIT: i back to openelec 7. libreelec 8 have wifi but no hardware acceleration- all movie is so slovly.

    Openecelec rules...

    ihave OrangePi PC Plus and libreelec not work with this. work but no wifi.

    OrangePi PC Plus + LibreELEC-H3.arm-9.0-devel-20180913192540-fff0327-orangepi_pc_plus.img.gz

    not see WIFI adapter.

    i dont see any wifi- only wired :(

    All work fine with LAN but no see WIFI adapter

    openelec work fine only with this version : OpenELEC-H3.arm-7.1-devel-20161026221641-r23113-g64b34b3-opipcplus.7z

    work fine and see WIFI with this version : LibreELEC-H3.arm-8.0-devel-20170516114055-r25546-g745f679-opipcplus.img

    i try all other image but wifi not instaled and not work.





    any help with this?