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    Great work, thank you so much for keeping my X8H+ alive and kicking!

    It all works perfectly for me with a small exception: I cannot seem to get audio directly through the optical port. I have the AML-M8AUDIO, S/PDIF selected as the audio output device and it sends audio through the HDMI cable to the TV which is fine most of the time. (and I can connect my audio amp to the TV's optical port through S/PDIF which works while the TV is on). For music though I would prefer to connect my amp directly to the X8H+ optical port while having the TV off, but I cannot seem to get that working. Any ideas, please?

    Freezing problem for me as well on a Minix X8H+. Videos play fine, pausing works, but on rewind/fast forward or STOP it just freezes. I still have ssh access to the box when it happens, but cannot seem to be able to kill the kodi.bin process, even kill -9 doesn't work. I tried with and without "adjust refresh rate", but for me it does not seem to have any effect.