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    has anybody having issues with the plex addon not working? using a beelink gt1 s912 box?

    Yep, hasn't worked for me at all since I started testing 8.90. Starts up and then you get the three flashing dots and no further progress. I have tried a few things but it does't work. I posted some weeks ago and received to help for this problem.

    so this is on a known working SD card that I can boot to libreELEC on my s905 media box.

    more reading.

    EDIT: I cannot format my SD card now so probably bad - I don't have another one to test. Will have ot buy on on Thursday (payday).

    I've used lots of different cards and never had problems with any. Right now I'm using Lexar 633X and 300X no problem. Also Sandisk cards. I look on Amazon for the faster speeds which you can compare here - Fastest MicroSD Card Speed Tests | Updated March 2018

    I think your box has an SD slot, so Samsung, Lexar and Sandisk are good choices and pretty good prices.

    hi all, I'm hoping someone can please help me - I have an old Beelink M8 box - one of the first round black and red coloured media players and I've tried the following images on SD card, but nothing boots.. I just have the grey boot screen (which flickers a few seconds after initial boot.. then nothing).




    You likely haven't read enough of the forum posts. There is a ton of good information available in the posts.

    You can try this from post 1048 - this allows the box to boot from the SD card slot. Once done that try installing one of the M8 roms.

    1- Download "Enable SD card dual boot" zip file, copy file to sdcard/thumb drive (I used sdcard) -

    2. "Toothpick" boot your device into (original) recovery mode (took~30 seconds), select install ZIP from EXT & select "" Note that there was an error on the bottom line of the zip screen - E:/misc - I didn't write it down. It had no effect on the process.

    After the zip ran I formatted the sdcard with SDformatter v 5.0. Then burned the ROM image to the sdcard and toothpick booted into LE.

    5 seconds often isn't enough to get LE started, might take 30 or more seconds.

    If the newer roms don't work try reading through the full 1048 post and the posts from #1 up to that point..

    I've used PLEX for KODI the official version since it came out. I find it works with these builds sporadically (8.2 and 8.90). Sometimes videos run well and sometimes very poorly. It sometimes resolves with a reboot and sometimes not. Music is fine but video has problems that include very choppy playback, the audio far ahead of the video making them unwatchable. I also use PleXBMC which works great. With 8.90.3 and 4 (the only versions I've run) PLEX (official) starts, but gets stuck on the boot screen - the PLEX image in the center of the screen and three dots flashing in a window in front of the PLEX logo. It does not continue to load anything, just the three dots. I decided to try PleXBMC with 8.90.3 and 4 and it runs great without the PleXBMC Helper addon.

    The problems happen with wireless and ethernet connections - Laptop to Abox KODI box. Using SD.

    Just wondering if others have found this issue and if they have been able to resolve it.

    That post goes back some time ago. You need to install Wilro's file as explained and then download one of Demetris's images. Once you get wilro's boot image installed you should then be able to toothpick boot Demetris's images. You need to use an img.gz file, not tar. Make sure you pick the right image based on your box specs.

    Kostaman, can you confirm - you used the "Enable SD card dual boot" in post #1048 to enable an SD boot and then tried to boot one of Demetris's 8.0 builds? I have a friends M8 and am trying to determine how to boot one of Demetris's 8.0 builds via SD.

    I do not want to install this build to internal memory - SD only. Anyone?

    Do you a VPN service running?, I have a number of 905 boxes and none of them auto update unless I go into the VPN manager addon and disconnect VPN, although all display the "update available" notification, once VPN is disconnected, go into Libreelec setting and just re click on Updates auto and it should download. PS. I also have a Beelink mini mx III II box and by doing the above it updates.

    I've had no issues with a VPN and updates. Not sure which VPN manager you use but I have used Zomboided's for quite some time and it has worked great.

    I have a friend's generic M8 box with the following specs -

    SoC – AMLogic S802 quad core Cortex A9r4 processor @ 2GHz with Mali‐450MP6 GPU.

    System Memory – 2GB DDR3.

    Storage – 8GB NAND flash + SD card slot.

    Connectivity – 10/100M Ethernet, dual band Wi‐Fi (2.4GHz/5GHz), Bluetooth.

    Video Output – HDMI 1.4b, AV.

    I would like to put LE onto this box and not sure how. With My S812 I had to load an older LE V7 build first and then SSH into the box and update with the S812 image tar file for V8. That worked well, but with the S802 I don't know.

    Looking for some help with this.


    Sorry for the simple question, but I can't find an answer. I have LE running great on an SD card. I would like to test this Leia version, but I do not have an SD card available. I do have a USB drive available. If I prepare the USB and then boot it up (after removing the SD card) will this impact the SD from booting if I switch them out?

    Do not mess with the Audio channels. Leave them as default 2.0 because you are using Audio Passthrough using 2 Audio Data channels. Such audio data needs to be decoded by your AVR, not the AML LE device.

    Read what the text talks about on the bottom of the Audio settings screen when you hover over that option.

    Could you please confirm for me - I have an HDMI connection to my AVR from the KODI box using the ALSA HDMI device. I set the audio channels to 7.1 and enable passthrough plus all the options the receiver supports. Are you saying that the audio output channels should be set to 2.0?.

    There is a repository of remote.conf files, working in LibreElec. Read this a couple of posts down and try the linked remote.conf. If that doesn't work, look for boxes with the same remote, they are usually interoperable.

    Thanks a lot. I finally had a chance to test the ANTSIR remote.conf with the Abox Max remote. I deleted remote.conf with Winscp from /config and then copied the ANTSIR file in its place. It works perfectly in Libreelec.

    Original remote.conf from Android will be found in /etc

    Believe me, I have searched Android numerous times via esfile explorer, SSH by using sshdroid and neither method found the remote.conf location. I've used different search strings with *remote* showing the most returns, but no remote.conf. Yet the remote works in Android.

    Maybe your search string should have been remote* or *remote*. On my box the remote.conf is found in /etc, like Tim_Taylor said. But even that is no guarantee that this original android remote.conf will work in LibreElec.

    Thanks for that search string. It worked to find the Libreelec remote.conf that I replaced with the ANTSIR remote.conf. All is good.

    Hi Chessplayer. I can confirm that the ANTSIR remote.conf works in Libreelec with the original remote that was shipped with the box. Thanks for posting the file.