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    Do I have to revert back to android first? What do you mean 115K4? s805-autoscript?

    Not sure what you have on the box but you need to go to his forum and read a bit. Yes to boot his rom you will need to install that rom over the original rom. Format the SD card, extract the 115k4 rom to the sd card and toothpick boot. Hold the toothpick in until you see the Android Robot and the rom starting to install. The posts I mentioned tell you how to do the rest.

    I finally managed to install an earlier OE version for tronsmart s82 v6. After that I copied via LAN the .tar in the update folder and installed LE 8.2.3 .

    The problem is that I cannot use my remote after this. In OE worked fine. Now nothing. What should I do?

    Try to find the original remote.conf for the box. You can do this in Android (the image that came loaded onto the box) by searching for it with ES File Explorer. I believe its in the root of Android in the .etc folder. Once you find it save a copy to a USB stick.

    You may also find it by searching google, or you may also find it here -

    remote.conf repository - Page 14 - Amlogic - LibreELEC Forum

    The remote.conf needs to be copied into the configfiles folder in Libreelec. You need to ssh into the box via Windows, or use Winscp to transfer the file via a Windows PC to Libreelec.

    Reboot and see if it worked.

    Update. Somehow LE sees only 761MB. No wifi with M3 image.

    Your box has 2g8g and gigabyte lan for sure?

    Try one of Demetris's builds. S802/S812-Libreelec images for 7/8/x

    Open the download link under - S8X2 LE-8.0.1 & LE-8.0.2 & LE-8.2 images
    In the image section look for the MXIII_Plus image for 8.2.2. and download (8.2.3 did not install properly form me and others). Then go to Demetris's forum and post 1519 and 1504. 1519 shows how to change the Android image to 115K4, which allows booting from SD. 1504 shows how to install from SD card. Read page 1 the fourth line and you will see download link for 115K4.

    Download this


    Unzip it and copy it to /storage/.update/

    With the image you want to flash

    Or login to box with ssh prior to flash and issue this command:

    # touch /storage/.update/.nocompat

    Did you add a nocompat file to the SD card for booting Libreelec?

    Another option. Create file '99-mac-address.rules' in 'udev.rules.d' subfolder under 'configfiles' folder. Use the following format within rules file. Label your mac's as you like.

    SUBSYSTEM=="net", KERNEL=="wlan0", RUN+="/sbin/ip link set dev %k address D8:FC:93:6F:29:01"
    SUBSYSTEM=="net", KERNEL=="eth0", RUN+="/sbin/ip link set dev %k address D8:FC:93:6F:29:02"

    Could you please make the process a little clearer for me?

    Do I create a subfolder called 99-mac-address.rules in the 'udev.rules.d' subfolder under 'configfiles' folder?

    Then I create these two lines, but change the mac address to my box address and the second mac to 1 number different as shown?

    SUBSYSTEM=="net", KERNEL=="wlan0", RUN+="/sbin/ip link set dev %k address D8:FC:93:6F:29:01"

    SUBSYSTEM=="net", KERNEL=="eth0", RUN+="/sbin/ip link set dev %k address D8:FC:93:6F:29:02"

    Do I do this on both boxes?

    The reason I ask is that I want to install openvpn onto my router and need to create static ip's for each of the boxes. At this point the traffic monitor on my Asus router shows this:

    Even though the boxes have static ip's I get this.

    Thanks for your help.

    Of course. I use it to power up the box.

    No offense, but you guys are posting/asking/suggesting things I already mentioned in my post.

    As bubblegum57 mentioned, this thread did have the information available for review (#746), so your post seems like a duplicate and responses a shot at our efforts to help.

    Wait for an update from balbes150 with a remote fix, or a Leia Demetris build. Demetris was waiting for Leia to go to beta before working on and issuing a build.

    I have been using this great addon with Leia builds (Coreelec 8.95.0) and it is working fine.

    It seems to me like the system isn't loading the driver for the IR receiver.

    I attached the dmesg output. Im on the newest build. It is driving me crazy the last couple of days. Everything except of that is working great.

    For LibreElec 8.x I got my remote.conf from here Remote control configuration for Libreelec on Amlogic Socs | Micro Devices (exactly my remote). I also tried out some of the presets I found here for similar looking remotes but nothing worked for me.

    An, I'm not sure if this is the case with balbes150's rom, but with some of the Leia builds the remote has to be rebuilt/created. I have had to do this for several boxes. Check out this thread: How to configure IR remote control - HowTo - CoreELEC Forums

    Let us know what you go for in the end?

    Jeffers, I am going to either wait, as there is a a lot of stuff coming - ie: Rockchip Libreelec build(s), new Amlogic processors, or consider an S905D processor/box. S905D are a bit hard to find and more expensive than S912. The curious thing is that the Mecool and Magicsee units show lan as 10/100, so no 1000.

    In the end, I have had lots of advice to skip the S912.

    I have a 3x S812 boxes that are running great on Demetris's 8.2.2 build and he is shortly going to release Leia builds when it goes Beta. That will keep them alive until Kodi 19 I guess. I also have 1 S905X box (Mecool M8S Pro+) which runs really well and 2x S905W boxes I will likely get rid of.

    So I don't need anything now but like to play with new tech.

    If you want Gigabit Ethernet for reliable 4K HDR Bluray REMUX streaming AND long term AMLogic Kodi Linux support the best platform at the moment is the S905D.

    Which just so happens to be the internals of the new Gigabit Vero4K+ as well, minus the TV tuner.

    Otherwise the cheap S912's will get you as far as Kodi v18 Leia with a decent bit of snappiness at the moment, unless workaround GPU drivers can be found/hacked again to progress further than Leia. I again suggest Gigabit equipped S912 devices if you do not need to dual boot.

    By the release of Kodi v19 M, likely a year or more away from this point in time, tech will be cheaper again or something new and faster will be released. Intel 4K HDR Linux might even be viable by then - maybe !

    I have read a lot over the last few days and appreciate your comments. I can't really find a good comfort level with any of the S912's. Based on testing that some sites have done performance is marginally better, but not enough to invest in one.

    Thanks guys.

    Pushed 5.0.5 onto the repo which re-introduces support for NordVPN using their API. You can now select which country you want to connect to and it'll do the right thing.

    They also have their own branded add-on if you'd prefer to use that and want some friendly support.

    Damn, 2 days after my 7 day refund guarantee from IPvanish. How did you manage to get around the issue with changing servers (I think)?