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    Plus2e not found

    So, we must install fresh images?

    Can i install this images using update menu?

    I just checked and yes, it should be supported. Check if output of lsmod lists 8188eu. If not, run modprobe 8188eu and test again. After all that, please provide output of ifconfig

    lsmod 8188eu exist

    But i don't know, why its sometime not load (unable auto connect), maybe adaptor?

    Another device connect with same wifi

    RTL8188EU driver is already present, except if USB ID is missing. Please provide output of lsusb with dongle connected.

    Sometimes i must be connecting manually

    Report new bugs:

    When LibreELEC trun on before tv load, display config not loaded. Display resolution not showing such as display without driver when using windows.

    Old bugs:

    1. Manual display calibration every change display resolution

    2. Some videos decoded

    3. Onboard wifi

    hostkit can you provide content of your lircd.conf which crashes Kodi? BTW, do you know that lircd is deprecated since LE 9?

    Regarding your RTL8188EU wifi issue, I can't say anything. It could be that issue is in some other part of wifi stack. Can you test with different wifi dongle, which doesn't have RTL8188EU chip?

    Ok. Prosedure: add source /storage/.config, access source and paste it.

    what do you mean, lircd is deprecated since LE 9? Stopping support?

    Hahaha i dont have another chips :) maybe driver issue, cause driver linux is beta.

    Working install to nand method:

    1. unzip images

    gunzip -d LibreELEC*.img.gz

    2. Add permission

    chmod 755 LibreELEC*.img

    3. Umount mmcbkl2

    umount /dev/mmcbkl2*

    5. Install to nand

    dd if=LibreELEC*.img of=/dev/mmcbkl2 bs=4M

    Tested on LibreELEC



      (863 Byte, downloaded 32 times, last: )

    hostkit how did you managed to crash Kodi? Was it by using some addon? Currently addons are very unstable.
    They will be rebuild for next update and that should eliminate most (all?) addon related crashes.

    wifi and temp won't be addressed in near future.

    prosedure, copy paste lircd.conf to folder .config and system reboot automatically (fresh installation)

    Device: opiplus 2e

    what about the video showing block / blurred videos some position randomly? Display setting egl and plane to direct

    I have been trial install to emmc using but install failed. Without edit mmcbkl1, mmcbkl1 not found. only mmcbkl0 and mmcbkl2 load.

    mmcbkl2 flash success but opi not booting because uboot sunxi not found. Trying download from internet device can boot but stack black screen, kodi not startup

    Opi plus 2e last build (271218)

    Known bug:

    1. Wifi onboard not working

    2. Playing video pink colour when after change resolution not reboot

    3. Same video h264 especially mkv file (720p) block block visual

    4. Portrait video not showing correctly. Video still portrait but the video playing landscape and zooming


    Opi plus2e i dont know why, On my sharp tv must mannual calibration display for fix display. Before update this version auto calibration work every change resolution. Wifi still not working

    Can jernej building image support rw system so maybe we can help without rebuild image

    Temperature not available. Lircd not working because unable access terminal