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    Most of these remotes you can buy on aliexpress without the tv-box. NEC remotes work, MCE remotes should work out of the box. I use a sony remote from a old DVD-player and my previous one was this one: Universal IR Remote Control For Android TV Box H96 MAX/V88/MXQ/TX6/T95X/T95Z Plus/TX3 X96 mini Replacement Remote Controller-in Remote Controls from Consumer Electronics on AliExpress

    Search for "tv box remote" on aliexpress.

    Ok thank. I hope already in my country.

    Most IR remotes do work with ir-keytable.

    If you want to buy a new one, the amlogic subsection does have a thread about working remotes: remote.conf repository

    But some remote only working mode lircd, especially old lcd tv. So i want reference type and merk remote, working in another mode lircd. (Nec-5, nec-6, etc).

    I think this link about config remote for build in remote with tvbox, not list remote device only. some one want to reference too for changing old remote

    Hi jernej it's knowing bugs on opiplus2e in 2 last update

    1. Some time after playing some videos online (YouTube) or offline, Kodi showing black screen but we can access via SSH to reboot. (Normally after reboot)

    2. Some time showing not black screen but pink colour so we can access GUI but with pink colour.

    Can I help to provide something? When do that's command? Maybe after/befor reboot

    LibreElec connect via HDMI

    Don't have unlimited connection to download and pc to compile. Waiting mode update img

    Plus2e not found

    So, we must install fresh images?

    Can i install this images using update menu?

    I just checked and yes, it should be supported. Check if output of lsmod lists 8188eu. If not, run modprobe 8188eu and test again. After all that, please provide output of ifconfig

    lsmod 8188eu exist

    But i don't know, why its sometime not load (unable auto connect), maybe adaptor?

    Another device connect with same wifi

    RTL8188EU driver is already present, except if USB ID is missing. Please provide output of lsusb with dongle connected.

    Sometimes i must be connecting manually