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    I'd say it's probably "no", but your welcome to get creative with variable substitution: smb.conf and see if that can work for you.

    Fur example, try creating /storage/.kodi/.smb/user.conf with the line:

    1.  include /storage/.kodi/.smb/%j.conf

    then in (for example) /storage/.kodi/.smb/192_168_0_20.conf you can try configuring the required client settings whenever you connect to the server that is

    Network booting on RPi 3B+ is unreliable due to kernel and firmware issues that were resolved after the release of LibreELEC 8.2.5. Since we have no plans to issue further 8.2.y releases you'll need to switch to a LibreELEC 9.0 alpha release such as 8.90.003.

    Yes, LE master does not currently include the RPi patches (which is why they're not in Alpha 3). This is a short term solution to an ongoing discussion with Team Kodi, however the longer solution is to restore the RPi patches, hopefully before Beta 1. In my own nightly builds, the RPi patches are here but integrating them into LE isn't a straight forward task using the existing LE build system so my advice would be to wait until we have restored the patches back to LE master.

    This is my first message in this forum and new to LE not in the world of Linux.

    I can't play HEVC content with LE 8.90.003 in RPi 3b+ however with Milhouse compilation they play without any trouble. Let me know if I can activate any log to now the possible reason or if it's a known trouble to correct in future.


    This is expected. The Alpha 3 release (as stated in the blog post) is focused more on OS issues than application (ie. Kodi) issues. Consequently some RPi Kodi functionality is not enabled, including HEVC - this will be enabled in a future release.

    Your S905w wifi hardware is built-in, and the required firmware is already included. Your problem is due to something other than firmware (something in your kszaq custom build of causing a kernel panic) and is unrelated to this specific thread about a USB dongle, which you are hijacking.

    What is odd is that all of your logs - including 8.2.5 - are showing a major problem with your GPU:

    With #0616 we switched from 4.14.y to 4.17.y, which presumably introduced a workaround for the bug or new behaviour that manifests as a delay during boot.

    There is a bug open for "vblank wait timed out on crtc":

    93782 – [i9xx TV][BISECT] vblank wait timeout on crtc

    Unfortunately it remains unresolved after 2 years, and is no longer a priority fix due to the age of the hardware. :(

    You could try adding the following to the LibreELEC kernel command line:

    1. video=SVIDEO-1:d

    You'll need to edit /flash/extlinux.conf so that it looks like:

    1. DEFAULT linux
    2. PROMPT 0
    3. LABEL linux
    5. APPEND boot=LABEL=System disk=LABEL=Storage quiet video=SVIDEO-1:d

    But if that doesn't fix it, then I wouldn't hold my breath for a fix, and buying new hardware might be the best option (I'll leave it to you to decide whether Intel deserve more of your hard earned cash).

    Can you use the links from the Kodi website to avoid confusion? LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)

    Only 12 months of builds will remain online, so #0801 [2017] is the oldest currently available (#0731 [2017] is no longer available).

    The update channel should download the correct build if you choose #0801 [2017] or #0801 [2018], but to be honest that's a secondary issue so if it's causing you a problem then download the tar files directly from the web site.

    The strange thing is that there isn't any obvious change in #0801 [2017] which relates to the Intel GPU driver as this seems to be where this issue is occurring. There were some kernel firmware changes in #0801 [2017] but these mostly relate to networking hardware (WiFi and ethernet).

    Starting with LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-9.0-Milhouse-20170801215819-#0801-geb93713.tar - should be the first build as i figure out.

    The log you posted is for #0801 [2018], but the tar link you have given is for 2017, so I don't really know what build you are saying is the first with the problem.

    Can you confirm which build is the *FIRST* build with the long delay, and post the log from that long-delay build and also log when booting the build immediately before it.

    I did answer twice on Tuesday. Above you'll find one post from 6:29 pm and another one from 6:43 pm.

    Yes I saw those posts, but there's not much more I can add - the issue is with Kodi, specifically UPnP, and you've now done the best thing which is to open a trac ticket so that the relevant Kodi developer can take a look at it. Hopefully all the information you've provided in this thread (and in trac) will prove useful and result in a resolution eventually (can't say when that will happen, as UPnP is still a fairly experimental feature).