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    On that topic, what's the status of getting rid of those gl vendor bin blobs? Shouldn't mesa be good enough (tm) for kodi by now? I guess hw decoding is the reason use libmali? Is the tree ready to just flip "OPENGL" to "mesa" to try it out?

    I try lima now and then, but last time I tried it, Kodi didn't even start. Buffer management was broken but I'm not sure where (kernel or mesa). I'll try again when Linux 5.4 is released.

    In order to try it yourself, you have to enable lima driver in kernel, set OPENGLES driver in project config to lima and configure mesa package to use latest master.

    Two notes:

    - T720 support is very broken in panfrost, so it makes no sense to try it, but according to panfrost IRC, it should be much better in following weeks

    - GPU driver doesn't have anything to do with HW decoding. It may be for rendering video, but even that will be soon bypassed almost completely (only SW decoding currently uses GPU for rendering)

    dhewg Thanks! Nightlies are always based on recent stable kernel, currently 5.3.5. However, a lot of upstream and wip patches are included on top of that. Check projects/Allwinner/patches/linux/ and projects/Allwinner/devices/H6/patches/linux/ folders for them. Idea is to upstream those patches as much as possible. This is never ending story - as soon as you manage to upstream something, you find something else to fix/update. However, this is beneficial for us and other distributions - once patch is upstreamed, we don't need to care about that patch anymore and other distros get same improvements when they update the kernel.

    turgus beelink DT is missing analog audio node, I'll add it soon. There is no guide for editing extlinux.conf. Actually, only line you should edit is APPEND line for Linux kernel arguments. If you want to use serial console, delete second "console=" entry.

    dhewg I guess nobody enabled it. I will add it soon. Thanks for bringing that up.

    I will also soon open PR with Cedrus improvements. Quiet a lot happened since I updated those patches and I also found a fix for all crashing HEVC videos. That should make it useful for HEVC DVB streams.

    turgus You won't be eable to fix much with editing dtb. There is no support for XR819, remote must be set manually (I will probably add default remote mapping for X2 in DT, but I don't know if R69 uses same remote), "system halted" message is normal - at this point you just plug out device. Only weird thing is that reboot doesn't work. However, that would indicate some kernel crash. You would need to edit extlinux.conf a bit and connect a serial adapter to figure out what's going on.

    prabuselva thanks for working on this, but you'll have to rebase your work on current master branch. New features, like supporting new board, are accepted only there. Please describe your issues with 1080p HDMI in more detail and append any relevant data, like dmesg output and clk_summary content.

    ilchenko That is known bug - for some reason H264 videos with width > 2048 are not decoded properly on H6, but are ok on H3 and A64. I'm in the process of reworking Cedrus patches and along I try to fix known bugs. This is the only one which is not fixed yet. I'll upload test images soon.

    No network after rebooting OrangePi 3 is also known bug. I'm not sure when I'll have time to look into it, but I suspect what could be the issue. Current workaround is to shutdown the board, remove power supply for a few seconds (LEDs should stop shining) and then power it up again.

    tweeKpot HDMI audio was reworked, mostly due to big upstream changes. I'll ask one expert to look into this.

    yes, nightlies switched to Kodi master (previously Kodi 18.4) in order to work out issues with switching to Python3. So addons will be hit and miss for some time now. I suggest you try to build them yourself until situation stabilizes.