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    Just a question. Are devices like Intel Nuc completely out of the picture? Seems to exist some nice ones in the lower price range with a lot of hw decoding capabilities

    From what I have read so far, a well supported S905X box is (much) better than a own build x86 solution (eg. NUC).

    Personally, I have now ordered a Vero 4K+.

    I have the 65" version of the same LG panel and a similar AVR and a legion of test boxes/devices to experiment with. The short answer to the question is "the box you are seeking does not exist" .. and on that basis I'd go pick up a cheap S905D box with GB ethernet (avoid the S905D devices with 100-BaseT PHYs). It'll be fairly cheap so when you chuck it out in 24 months time to get a newer (still not meeting that spec, but more advanced in some way) device you're not left writhing in angst about how much it cost you.

    NB: Nothing truly supports HDR on Linux right now, but Amlogic is the leading "least worst" option at the current moment :)

    From what I have read so far, the Vero 4K+ comes closest to my requirements. There are only minor problems with HDR.

    I really think you are asking a bit too much from the community. What you really need to do, is research the multitude of SBC and find one that meets your specs and then ask if LE supports that model.

    You also forgot price/power constraints. If unlimited, then I am sure there is something out there.

    I'm not expecting a single second of research from the community but if anyone bought a 2015 (or later) 4K/HDR TV and AVR he is probably in the same needs. (or already got something and has a recommedation)


    -100 Base-T only


    -No HDR on Linux

    ODROID C2:

    -No HDR

    NanoPi K2:

    -No HDR

    Banana Pi M64:

    -No HDR, 2160p30 only

    ASUS Tinkerboard:

    -No HDR 2160p30 only

    Obligatory link to this topic Kodi Community Forum ;)

    Among many other pages I have of course also read these.

    NVIDIA Shield:

    -HDR/Colorspace issues

    -audio passthrough issues

    -SPMC not longer updated

    MINIX U9-H/S912 devices:

    -"If you consider buying a device for LE, do not buy Amlogic S912!" (missing kernel module sources)

    ODROID C2:

    -No HDR

    Vero 4K(+):


    Hi guys,

    I do a lot of research for a new Kodi/LibreELEC box, but I haven't found one that matches my requirements.

    Maybe you guys have a recommendation for me.

    My current audio/video setup:

    LG OLED 55C7 TV (4k, HDR10, HDMI 2.0b)

    Pioneer VSX-932 AVR (7.1, Atmos/DTS:X, HDMI 2.0b)

    5.1 audio system

    Must have/work:

    Output: 1080p24, 1080p60, 2160p24, 2160p60

    Audio-Decoder: MP3 (up to 2.0), AAC (up to 5.1)

    Video-Decoder: MPEG4 (up to 576p25), H.264/AVC (up to 2160p24), H.265/HEVC (up to 2160p60)

    HDMI Audio passthrough: PCM, Dolby Digital, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos, DTS, DTS-HD, DTS-HD MA, DTS:X

    Container support: .mkv (H.264/H.265), .avi (MPEG4)

    Automatic Resolution & framerate switching (to match the video file)

    Internal or External storage (eg MicroSD card) with at least 128 GB space (as Kodi video cache) (Does not have to be included in the scope of delivery.)

    1x 1GBase-T / 1000Base-T network port

    1x HDMI Port

    Nice to have:

    Good remote control (eg. Xiaomi Bluetooth remote - Does not have to be included in the scope of delivery)

    Amazon Prime Video (up to 4K HDR)
    Netflix (up to 4K HDR)

    Youtube (up to 4K HDR)

    I am quite familiar with linux/unix so using an ARM SBC or an x86_64 box would not be a problem. (Only if necessary)