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    Do I have to revert back to android first? What do you mean 115K4? s805-autoscript?

    Hi, I have successfully installed LE on my M8S box. However there's a problem with Wi-Fi. Despite the switch is active, there are no connections listed. The chip is AP6330. Switched to Android, and Wi-Fi works fine.

    Hi. I've burned the .gz to the SD and used toothpic method, but got some console errors.

    Hello folks! I'm a newcomer in search for a good firmware for my M8S OTT box. 2/8 AP6330 N200.

    Which one should I choose for mine? Also will newer lea work?

    Hi there! So you say this firmware also works for M8S? I have exactly the same box, currently on android 4.4.2.