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    I'm looking at the minix neo u1 for a LE/Kodi box. Reviews seem to be good, though they're most likely for android usage.

    My only requirements are:

    1. Turn on/off from remote.

    2. Play videos off of my 8 TB hard drive. My main usage. (Videos are all or mostly 720/1080 MP4)

    3. Shut down HD when unit is remotely turned off.

    4. Easy setup as I'm new to this.

    5. Works well with LE and Kodi.

    And also if other boxes fit the bill please do list them.

    Thank you...

    I'm considering picking up a 905/912 box (possibly Minix) to primarily run Kodi. I've read on the Kodi forum that LE is preferred over Android, though I'm not clear on exactly why that is ? Could someone please elaborate on that ?

    Also I'm wondering which box ( 905 or 912 ) would be best for a LE install and of the four choices which would best suit my needs ?

    I'll primarily be watching videos and tv series (1080/720) off of an 8TB external drive.

    My main concerns would be that I could...

    1. Fully control Kodi with a remote.

    2. Completely shut down the box from the remote, primarily because I'll be attaching an 8TB HD with videos via USB and need it to spin down/shut down.

    The Minix boxes come with a remote and can power up and shut down, though that is with Android, will they do the same running LE ? And how would that work ? From within Kodi ?

    3. Speaking of the HD, will LE allow me to use a large USB HD such as an 8TB ? Is there a limit to size ? I haven't gotten a definitive answer as to whether Android will allow this though from what I've read it's either a no or a maybe. I wrote to Minix asking about their U1/9 and their answer was 'up to 2.5 TB' though some on their forum said they had gotten a 4TB to work. Will I have better luck with LE ?

    4. When I'm not using Kodi I'd like the option to revert back to Android if at all possible. Is there a dual boot option available ? How do you switch between the two ?

    5. Lastly please leave a link for installing LE. And is there a difference between the 905 and 912 install ?

    Thank you...