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    Is it possible to transfer my previous couchpotato settings file to the thoradia couchpotato? I am really not in the mood to redo the entire thing.

    I have my old couchpotato.ini file but cant seem to find where I need to copy it to.

    I also had issues rather download thorodia.

    Sonarr,radarr and nzbget is much easier i used audo for 3years moved over when it started giving me issues

    Yeah I think I should give it a go but Im not looking forward to setup sonarr and couch potato from scratch. Which ports are they running on as I want to Install thorodia and chech them out.

    So this morning I upgraged to 9.0.1 and since the upgrade I am unable to reach sickrage, sabnzbd or couch potato. I did nothing out of the ordinary upgrade but for some reason I am unable to access these webpages.

    I uninstalled the entire service, program and repo, restarted and installed everything again but still no luck.

    Any help?

    I updated to the latest generic build and since then something is wrong. I could always view my files with Solid Explorer on my phone but am unable to do so anymore after the update.

    My yatse remote (same phone) shows offline constantly although I can still use it.

    How do I fix this as I have not made any changes, only the update.

    Hi there, I hope you might be able to assist me with my couchpotato problem.

    I know its not your couchpotato but I have no idea where to get help.

    My couchpotato suddenly stopped working one evening, or I think it stopped as I am unable to access it from the web GUI for almost a month and it is not searching ot snatching anything.

    It all started when we had a power failure. I am unable to manually restart it as I have no idea which command to run through ssh.

    I am hesistant to install from your repo for the sole reason that I will lose all of my settings and movies I already added.

    Would you be able to assist me? Im using couchpotato compiled by Isellens.

    Hope you or anyone else can help me.

    Hi there,

    I would just like to quickly find something out from you regarding the add on.

    I currently have Sickrage, Transmission, Couch potato and SABNzbd installed on my system which was developed by someone else.

    If I add your repo and install your apps, will I have to redo all my settings from my previous ones or will it already be in the new ones?

    Also, would I need to remove all of the old ones after installing yours?

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    Thanks very much but what about the add ons? Did all of your addons still work after the update?

    There is a saying that goes: "If it ain't broken, don't fix it."

    Testing with a second setup, while you keep your original setup, is the best way of finding out whether your setup is capable of migrating over to LibreELEC. It's a process that does ask some time and effort from your side. While making backups is always good practice, make a full copy of your current setup and put it on a USB stick (or 2nd SD card), and find out if LibreELEC works for you. A simple migration update is done by placing the LibreELEC tar ball in the OE update folder and reboot. You'll find out soon enough if things are still working or not.

    Yet, if you still cannot be bothered, well...

    Thanks for the suggestion, will make a complete copy of the system first.

    Hi all, I am new here. I have been using OE for a long time but after all the developments I would like to move to Libreelec.

    I would just like to know how I should go about this.

    The more important thing is would I need to redo all of my add ons, especially transmission, youtube and audo (sab, sickrage and couchpotato) which is currently installed that was developed by Isselens for OE?

    It would be nice to just be able to migrate over but I am seriously not in the mood to reconfigure every single setting in all of the add ons.

    Thank you for reading