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    Ive searched and read about my RasPi 3b having questionable BT but...

    I just bought a cheap BT gamepad Im trying to use. Under settings it says BT Disabled (which its not). So I go down and turn it off then on and then in the BT tab it says Adapter Not Found. I have wireless networks on (even though I use hard wired). Im guessing that Im missing something simple... have never used the BT before. Any hints?



    I hope somebody can help me out (or point me in the rite direction). I'm a relative noob to LE, but I am well versed in Kodi (and I am fluent in several programming languages). Ive searched and read... and read... and read without finding the answer Im looking for.

    Up until recently Ive been using Kodi on an Android box. I have since switched to a Raspberry Pi 3B running Libre Elec. On the droid box I was able to use Open VPN (under Android, not Kodi) with nothing more than a .ovpn file. Worked great... just had to start/stop the service through Android. Now on the RasPi I'm trying to make this work with no luck. It seems like I need to have the Username and Password (which I don't have access to).

    I've tried opening the .ovpn file in Notepad ++ to see if the info is in there, but either it's not there or I just don't know enough to know what lines have the info. I've tried setting up Open VPN MGR but see no place to link to the .ovpn file that I have. Do I need other programs to go with this one?

    I'm sure that its possible but I'm just missing something. I hate to ask... but I have searched and read trying to find the answer myself. I don't want to be one of those folks that are too lazy to do the work (especially on my very first post).

    Thanx in advance,