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    Thanks build works but tvh and oscam still not working.

    this is tvh log

    1. /storage/.kodi/addons/service.tvheadend42/bin/tvheadend: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    Not sure if it will work.

    Here are the tvh and oscam addons I build against the new image.

    Unzip to get the separate zip files.


    Currently I'm using interactive governor for some days and all good now (so far), I still experienced some rare crashes with ondemand.

    Edit: today there was again crash!

    kostaman  Kwiboo  mo123

    New MVR9 RK3328 Image

    (Black numbered 0-9 ir remote)


    (Orange D-PAD remote)



    - Based on latest LibreELEC master branch 10/03/2019

    - Add a setting to adjust the refresh-rate/resolution only on playback start (useful if you don't want the tv/monitor's resolution to change every time video playback stops)

    - Changed CPU governor to Interactive(best performance for tv boxes and other devices with a power supply, helps with freezes)

    - Initialize color_primaries to AVCOL_PRI_UNSPECIFIED (helps with software decoding in InputStream)

    - Check for UNPACK_ROW_LENGTH support on renderer instantiation, not on every LoadPlane call

    - OverlayRendererGL: add support for BGRA extensions for GLES

    - Fix corrupt packets in transit causing segfaults or video corruption with Live H264 streams in TVHeadend

    - Increase analyze duration to fix playback of DVB-T2 streams with aac_lapm audio streams

    - Improve German keyboard layout

    Latest MVR9 LE image I build

    - added PVR addons

    - added lots of CoreELEC patches for faster UI etc.

    - added Live TV SD, HD 25/50hz fast channel switching for tv's that don't have SD resolutions(now merged into Kodi)


    • Select HD stream -> resolution switches to 720p
    • select SD stream: resolution switches to 1080p (GUI default) because no SD in whitelist
    • select HD stream: switch to 720p


    • Select HD stream -> resolution switches to 720p
    • select SD stream: no resolution switch (SD fits into current 720p)
    • select HD stream: no resolution switch



    Please try to test it and don't have a lot of addons installed like kwiboo suggests.


    I have a a5x max that is a rockchip 3328.

    That image i could be install?

    Sorry for my bad englsih

    Thank you!

    No official LE images, sorry.

    There are some LE images that might work on your devices on freaktab forum, 'LE for RK3328'.

    Kwiboo Any extra improvement for HACK: RendererDRMPRIME: render sw decoded frames · Kwiboo/[email protected] · GitHub perhaps?

    720p Inputstream is running very well on RK3328 but there is still a slight problem if there is a lot of fast movement, then the video freezes for a second or two then goes back to normal speed.

    Is there a way I can compile LE for Firefly RK3288 or Ugoos UT3(miqi dts with slight modifications)?

    Here is an old 4.4 dts for RK3288 UT3.

    I can then try to test it or modify the 4.4 kernel dts files a bit to see if I can get it booting.

    RK3288 should have a lot more power for 720p/1080p Inputstream software decoding.


    Since it's a nightly build, it should already have PR 15286 included.

    There are far better RK3399 devices with much better Android and Linux, LE support.

    Videostrong support is very lacking and all their Mecool brand devices have been blocked by Google, blacklisting their Widevine DRM.

    So the best would be to return it.

    I'm still experiencing hard reboots after some time watching livetv with tvh on my mvr9 box. It doesn't matter if sd or hd channel. I also tried 4.2 and 4.3 development builds of tvheadend with no success.

    I would be thankful for any hint to solve this issue.

    I made some new images for mvr9, posted on freaktab forum.

    There are some default settings already set and bluetooth is enabled by default.

    I see in the tvh addon v4.4 they had a fix for videos buffering, freezing and increased the cache, maybe that can help. I will try to build tvh v4.4 if it can't be installed manually, how do you install the other versions?

    For RK3328, it's the same speed as on RK3288.

    Maybe on RK3288 it is 10% faster.

    I also see if you change the 'Limit GUI Size' to 720p and use Netflix, Amazon then there are a lot of crashes and LE restarts, leaving it on 1080p seems to stop the crashes. 720p GUI with software decoding might decrease CPU load further and work better?

    960x540p streams in Netflix seems to play very smooth now, 720p streams are also smooth until there is fast motion or more moving objects on the screen, then stutters appear and the audio starts to crack then it goes away again after a few seconds.

    Is the CPU using an optimal governor eg. ondemand, interactive in the kernel that can help with spikes in higher usage to smooth it out when more items or motion appear on the screen, not sure if this can also help if changed for software video decoding?

    RK3399 Linux support is vastly superior to S912 that don't have any GPU drivers and rely on slow Android libhybris drivers.

    Here is some more info about Armbian Linux on RK3399

    With the media script you can play 4K video in Linux, desktop is also very fast with 3D apps that are also working.

    [Development] RK3399 media script - Rockchip 3399 - Armbian forum

    Rockchip 3399 - Armbian forum

    Status Matrix

    If you look at RK3399 that are popular with LE and will get more support in future, you can look at the devices for which images are build for and used by developers.

    Index of /test/

    I would recommend you only get a RK3399 device that is supported by Armbian or LE otherwise you are going to have a very difficult time to get wifi, bt and everything else to work yourself from a 'ship and forget' device.

    Khadas Edge, RockPro64, Radxa NanoPi are good choices as they also have their own forums where users discuss Linux related topics.


    A user that has a Sony Bravia tv says with HDMI CEC with the tv's Bravia remote,

    he can't use the remote for up/down left/right run/stop etc. on RK3328 images.

    I asked he must most the model number too.

    Is there a way to get logs for troubleshooting for this remote, what steps to do, or something you can add to CEC code to help with Sony Bravia remotes?

    That would be great.

    Deinterlacing is not a problem as all 720i/1080i H264 or mpeg2 uses hardware decoding correctly.

    Addons like Netflix and Amazon Prime display everything in 720p/1080p and there are no interlaced content on there.

    I tested Netflix on your new build:

    CPU usage seem to have gone down, eg using 30-50% CPU on all cores, sometimes with a few spikes when playing 720p Netflix streams with Inputstream h264, software decoded.

    But the audio is crackling and 720p h264 Inputstream software decoding still plays in slow motion with stuttering with this lower CPU usage.

    I hope your new direct-to-plane software decoding can help so video playback in such a case can be smoother.