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    I am trying emby first time, server works great. But can it be used as multimedia player on libreelec? I can't find the emby add-on after installed, just FFmpeg and .Net Core.

    There is an addon called Embycon that lets you access your library from a plugin, or you can use Emby for Kodi (seperate repo needed) to get your library in the Kodi library.

    Emby for Kodi - Emby

    SkiaSharp should be installed serarately. I would not know how to install/use nuget. Do you?

    Also, Emby for .Net Core has been pushed. You can update it to whatever version by replacing the /storage/.kodi/addons/service.emby/emby directory.

    Emby settings suggest an auto-update feature, but I am not sure it is operational.

    It's possible SkiaSharp installs quietly during the installation of Emby Server, but I have no way of knowing for sure. Maybe I have to install Mono to get SkiaSharp to work, but I'll have to look into it. I have also updated to the latest version of the add-on on the repository, and then I updated to the latest beta ( Also, I know some versions of Emby do update automatically, but I have no idea how it works.

    I found this for SkiaSharp: NuGet Gallery | SkiaSharp 1.60.2

    However, using any of them doesn't work, except for the .Net one which LibreELEC tells me to install the .Net SDK.

    Does this version of Emby support both Skia and ImageMagick as image processing dependencies? I'm asking because there's this issue with some clients that cause graphical glitches when there is no image processing before sending the images. If the dependencies are already both available, the Emby developers will be able to switch on support for ImageMagick, and that would eliminate issues with graphics in some clients.

    I basically didn't wanted to make it as simple as possible to prevent ppl to use cron or put it into and such crap as this is 100% unstable and every Emby update could kill the function. It works now - no idea if it works tomorrow - if they change major thing it breaks (thats why there is no gui button) :)

    That makes sense. You wouldn’t want users to get mad at something that won’t necessarily always work. Even having the ability to update to a beta if I want, is more than enough. After all, they’re beta versions and they aren’t made for the typical user.

    try my update script

    Worked perfectly! I saw that the script is able to detect the latest stable, as well as all the betas. I think it would be a good idea if you added a command for updating to the latest beta without typing in the version, just like the emby-update stable command.

    Otherwise, it works nicely and it should be so much easier to update Emby now.

    I would like to test the latest beta release of Emby Server (, is it possible to get a build for it? Also, is there a way I can build this myself so I can update without needing to wait for you to build the addon with the correct version?

    In terms of crashing, disabling DLNA really seems to have done it. No more crashes while idle! I’ve had a crash since, but it was unrelated and it happened while remuxing.

    Anyways, I’d like to thank you for the work you’ve done to bring Emby (.Net Core) to LibreELEC.

    Now, I don't know for sure, but so far it has not crashed. I think the crash is fixed by lowering the amount of times DLNA blasts its alive messages.

    According to this post, this seems to be the issue. The latest beta of Emby ( seems to address this issue, but I'll have to test it a little further to make sure.

    Is there any way I can manually update the build? Previously with Mono it was as simple as replacing a few files with the addon's Emby.Mono folder, but the same technique does not seem to be working for Net Core.

    Unfortunately, the crash I was facing previously still happens. My server worked all day, and then overnight at around 6am my Emby server went down. I've tried to look in the logs for possible reasons for the crash, but I couldn't really see anything critical at the end of the file.

    Here is the log:

    Emby Log.txt

    Did you ever get a chance to check this out? Currently even the Mono version doesn’t work properly, because the current version does not work with the latest release of the ffmpeg tools addon. I think stuff was renamed on the ffmpeg side of things, and Emby can’t find ffmpeg anymore.

    Uninstall Emby and delete /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.emby

    Then reinstall Emby.

    That should be enough

    I did the steps above, but the issue persists. I didn’t have SSH enabled so I couldn’t log it, but I will try to get a log next time.

    I’m not sure what causes it exactly, but it keeps happening. I can still use the Kodi web interface to reboot, and everything goes back to normal.

    I was on a beta version of Emby before, so that’s probably why the stable version of Emby on the .Net Core version is behaving weirdly. I wanted to install it fresh, because I’ve also messed around with some of the files on the Mono release before I installed the .Net Core release.

    I will, however, provide the log so you can better analyse what might be going on.

    Last thing, what build/version of LibreELEC should I be using to properly test the addon? The latest LE9 build?