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    thanks for ansver, if it's not possible, I have to change my question.

    Is there a way always to keep 1080p resolution in libreelec when no video is playing ? And once any video is played, resolution has to switch to 4k. I've tried to set 1080p in kodi and all white list to 4k - no success, autoframerate is not working in that case.


    the reason why I need it - TV adds some uwanted processing when it handles upscaling to 4k itself, it looks like edge sharpen, it doesnt really looks good for those who wants best quality, I have samsung, but Im sure all tv's adds a lot of post processing for non native resolutions. That's not good when you're watching perfect 1080p remux for example. It's better if kodi or videodriver handles upscaling itself so you can be sure no processing is added

    thank you

    sorry for my english

    Is there a way to resize UI? It's really small with 4k resolution, so it's almost impossible to use chrome. I mean size of address bar, tabs etc. Built-in scale affects just websites, not browser's UI.

    Ive tried to install several chrome addons supposed for scale, but all of them affect just websites content

    One of them specifically tested LibreELEC-H6.arm-9.80-nightly-20190817-6d67cfc-beelink-gs1.img and reportedly it works fine.

    thanks for info, this version was not avaliable yesterday, so I've just tried to flash it.


    And got the same, black screen if reset is not pressed. TV shows that it's in [email protected] mode. No signal if reset is pressed. To make sure it's not resolution related problem, Ive also connected the box to 1080p pc monitor. Nothing changed

    i think it's bug because color space and range should not depend on hdmi version

    here's output

    btw, its odd that it shows 4096x2160 available , because highest resolution supported via this adapter is 1080p. Possibly another bug, but it's not important for me.

    I think TV is not a problem here, because these amd videocards in windows10 output Full RGB without problems. Don't know why I don't have entries you mentioned.

    Ive tried to conect tv not directly, but via dvi-hdmi adapter. That also limits hdmi version to 1.4. And i got Full RGB by default, without changing anything.

    To check if it depends on hdmi version I've also installed pretty old AMD radeon 5450 videocard that has only hdmi 1.4. And it outputs Full RGB.

    So probably it's kind of bug related to hdmi versions.

    Any ideas how to workaround it?


    I have 2 amd videcards, AMD RX 460, and AMD Vega 200GE (integrated). With both of them LE outputs YCbcr limited.

    How can I change it to full RGB 4:4:4 ?

    Im trying to find solution for a long of time, but still nothing. My linux undesrtanding is highly limited. Could someone help pls?

    Here's what xrandr --verbose does show, doesn't seem to have necessary option

    So far ive tried this…m-xorg-conf#color-space-1

    xorg fails to run with this conf file.

    sorry for my english

    I verified the issue is just with video playback layer. GUI output range is correct, images are correct. In video playback anything below 32 is clipped to pure black, anything above 235 is clipped to pure white.

    Any suggestions?

    I guess your box outputs full range, but your tv expect limited range, that's why clipping occurs. Set full hdmi range on your tv, this setting may be called different depends on tv manufacturer, for example samsung called it Hdmi black level > normal / low

    Is there a way how to get Full RGB(0...255) 4:4:4 output on LE x86 ? By default it outputs YCBCR Limited.

    There's full/limited setting in kodi, that already set to full but nevertheless it outputs YCBCR Limited despite of that setting

    Is it possible to do via ssh ?

    I'm running it on AMD Athlon 200GE

    thanks in advance

    there's no RGB/>YCBCR switch, there's full/limited setting, that already set to full

    but nevertheless it outputs YCBCR limited despite of that setting. Need full RGB 4:4:4 Is there a way to get it? Maybe via ssh?

    all logs are here, hope it helps

    as i mentioned, i was able to get logs only using dvi-hdmi adapter, it just outputs black screen, but at least pc boots , and hangs up after couple of minutes.

    With direct hdmi connection - unable to connect via ssh and smb, pc seems just hangs up right after writing 'run' command

    Also just to clarify, if i install an old discrete amd videocard to that computer, LE works without problems.

    *sorry for my english