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    I experienced the same issue; after a while the IR stops responding to any command my harmony sends.
    As a work around I plugged in a FLIRC(gen2) for Kodi navigation and only use the NUC's IR for the 'Power On' functionality (from complete powered off state). And I need to remap a button so that the FLIRC can power down the NUC.
    NUC7C, Ubuntu 18.04

    Thanks for the feedback. User keoma pointed out yesterday over at Kodi forums that downgrading the BIOS to 0027 solved the CIR issue on the NUC7PJYH. I have confirmed that solution (workaround, rather) today for the NUC7CJYH. Will update my initial post accordingly.

    Just in case we have more early adopters around... here's what worked on my NUC7CJYH:

    - Create bootable USB pen drive for generic x86_64, latest official 8.2.4 build using the LibreELEC USB-SD Creator

    - Replaced kernel and system files in target folder in root folder on pen drive with corresponding files from Milhouse alpha build tar (to be found in target folder), as suggested by Milhouse himself over at Kodi forums

    - Booted from pen drive and installed LibreElec to an SD card (installation to a USB pen drive worked, subsequent booting did not!)

    - Voila, LibreElec boots from SD card

    Using BIOS version 24 (haven't tested latest 27 yet) with the following settings:

    - Boot / Boot Configuration / UEFI Boot / OS Selection: Linux

    - Boot / Boot Configuration / UEFI Boot / Fast Boot: Off

    - Boot / Boot Configuration / UEFI Boot / Boot USB Devices First: On

    - Boot / Boot Configuration / Boot Devices / USB: On -- anything else off (yeah, no SD option here)

    - Boot / Secure Boot / Secure Boot Config / Secure Boot: Off

    [Edit] With BIOS version 37, installing and booting from USB pen drive works OK for me with above settings. Official LE 8.2.5 can be used as basis as well.

    [Edit] Corrected folder locations in above post.

    Wise choice to go for the J5005, I think, considering the slightly higher price tag that gets you a lot of additional multi-thread horsepower. Specifically with new codecs such as AV1 down the road, which will likely require software or hybrid decoding.

    Last time I check, J5005 still had very limited availability though, at least in (continental) Europe. For the J4005, availability is much better, and it should do pretty well as HTPC for the time being with HEVC hardware support.

    In any case, you likely need some patience until all the issues with Gemini Lake have been sorted out (both with respect to LE and BIOS)... the usual fate of early adoption, I guess :(

    Is this recommandable as a HTPC? Which build should one install? Milhouse builds (Leia)?

    Will it work out of the box? IR remote, reboot issues etc.?

    Got myself a new NUC7CJYH last week. Official LE 8.2.4 build does not work due to missing GPU support. Guess the same applies for the latest 8.2.5 release, given that kernel remains the same.

    However, unofficial 9.0 Milhouse alpha builds - I'm currently on #0405 #0429 #0707 - work OK.

    Given that - in my perception - little information on LE with Gemini Lake is available right now, I'll try to briefly summarize the things I've found so far:

    + Live booting / installing LE from USB pen drive

    + Installing to and booting LE from SD card

    + IR (tested w/ Harmony 350 remote)

    - IR (tested w/ Harmony 350 remote) magically disconnects a short time after each reboot (appears like a major BIOS problem -> NUC7 generation f*ck-up???; details over at Kodi forums)

    0 Integrated IR (tested w/ Harmony 350 remote) appears to work fine with BIOS version 0027; later BIOS versions appear to be broken (see post over at Kodi forum; detailed discussion on the issue found in that thread as well)

    + HD audio passthrough (major f*ck-up in previous NUC6 generation)

    + AVC HW-decoding up to 4K

    + HEVC HW-decoding, both 8 and 10 bit, up to FHD / 60 Mbps Full-HD Jellyfish demo

    + Video playback at 20-30% CPU load, which results in the fan being inaudible, at least from 3 m / 10 ft distance

    0 Few hiccups / reboot issues, specifically when using Simple IPTV Client

    0 Kodi UI seems a bit sluggish (probably due to alpha build, not a general NUC performance issue, judging from past experience with a NUC2)

    - Booting LE from USB pen drive (probably a BIOS issue, hopefully fixed in the near future)

    [edit] + Installing to and booting LE from USB pen drive (at least with 0027 BIOS)

    [edit] - Frame rate switching seems broken (likely an alpha build specific problem)

    + Frame rate switching works (just me being to stupid to understand the new whitelist approach)

    Given the alpha nature of the Milhouse builds, things work suprisingly well.

    Nevertheless, if you aim for a super-stable, hassle free HTPC experience, I would suggest to wait a few more months until support for Gemini Lake within an official build is available.

    Hope this helps. Any specific questions, let me know.