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    The addon had some troubles for a while but for the past days it has been completely unusable for me. Starting up libreelec I can see the raspberry in the list of available spotify connector for a split second and then disappearing. That happens for 3-10 times until it's gone for good.

    My debug log can be found here:

    Nothing to do with Kodi.

    Please explain what you are doing (from what device are you streaming? Are you streaming a playlist? Do you experience this with a single track? What track? etc)

    I am simply streaming to kodi from my macbook running spotify and using spotify connect for it. I am mostly using playlists. There is no single track or anything that reproduces this.

    This issue occurs seamingly randomly, sometimes after 1-2 tracks, sometimes after a whole day of playing.

    So this time I restarted librespot and it managed to play only one song. This is part of the logs from it:

    Seems similar to this issue that hasnt been solved: thread 'main' panicked at 'Box<Any>', src/ · Issue #156 · plietar/librespot · GitHub

    Network error handling in librespot is still rather rudementary and being worked on. Use the stablest network connection available, wited for example.

    I am running a stable wired connection and ran with the addon for months without issues. Maybe it's really the Kodi alpha version. Where can I find log files to investigate further?

    Hi, I recently run into the problem with librespot being unavailable after some random amount of time. Going to Addons->Librespot and either changing any configuration or updating it (to the same version) seems to restart the service and fix the problem.

    Since I have auto update on for the whole system, I can't really tell what is causing this (libreelec, librespot or any other addon). Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

    PS: I am running the latest versions, 110 for librespot and Kodi 18.0-ALPHA. Is the Alpha version the culprit?