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    Use the 32-bit userspace. Your benefits include

    • access to the many addons for the armhf archictecture (same as the raspberry pi), especially widevine content encryption and console emulators
    • not having the hard-to-find memory leak, that would make 1G ram boxes unusable after running for a longer time on the 64-bit version
    • lower memory footprint of the kodi application and binary addons overall

    I will be trying the new version.
    All 7.x version after .007 are not usable for me since i use PVR. 007+ versions have severe stutter.
    Really hope its solved or at least tested (as its a very obvious issue) in this latest release.

    Ill test tonight; i'll know very fast if it has no or less issues with Live TV streams.
    Really would like to have a 32bit 7.x version running even though i bought some 2GB models which handle .007 AArch64 very well.

    Thanks kszaq for your continued (and fast!) efforts!

    kszaq i tried your first 32bit userspace build.

    Great improvement on memory management.
    Definately the right track as far as i am concerned!

    What i do notice regarding live-tv is, that Kodi will occasionally freeze/crash after switching channels.
    This is with hardware acc. disabled as hw acceleration for mpeg-2 with the new videoplayer is a WIP too, i guess ;-)

    Thanks for the 7.9 releases, they are getting better and better!

    Thanks for the updated Krypton build.
    Nice to see the progress for v17, i am really starting to like the overhaul.

    Unfortunately, not exactly a daily driver because of missing PVR dependancies.
    Cant use it yet, hope to see the xbmc.pvr version added/bumped soon!

    When I rename the file to dtb.img it looses the .img and just becomes dtb and when I ad it to the sd card it does not replace the one that's already there.
    There is no file with that name on the card.

    And then when I try the tooth pick method on my Mecool S905x it will not boot to Libreelec.

    Help appreciated.

    Configure file extensions to be visible. Extentions are hidden by default.

    I think i figured this one out.
    Never needed to before, but i thought maybe it's as simple as Kodi starting before network is fully started.
    Set wait for network for 3 seconds and the issue is gone.

    I've seen the ' unable to load client ' message for dvbviewer a couple of times (can't remember whether it was on these or Afl1's images) and disabling / re-enabling was enough to get it going. Does that work for DVBLink?

    No, i have to uinstall/reinstall. One time just 'updating' to the same version worked, which should be the same as reinstall i think.
    Puzzles me why this would occur on every boot.

    Updated to the 1109 dev. version.
    Installing the DVBLink client still fails, but with different error (unable to load plugin).
    I did the following to get it working:

    - Uninstall DVBlink client (after initial 'failed' install)
    - Install DVBLink client

    After this, the addon loads and works very nicely.

    Unfortunately, this repeats on reboot (unable to load client)
    I have to uninstall/install again to get it to work again (until next reboot).

    I'm using the pvr.dvbviewer compiled by afl1 - from the first post of his thread. It's worked really well on his build and kzsaq's. No idea for dvblink, obviously, but if you've not tried the version from there it might be worth a go.

    Thanks, but unfortunately no dice.

    The "hack" only involves adding a few lines to and you need to do this once.

    Official LE addons repo is already included in both builds. I have just checked and I am getting 403 Forbidden error. Will look into this.

    Thanks for looking into this! Repo works fine on my weteks krypton build.
    As soon as I can use pvr on the minim8s I will definitely play with Krypton some more.

    OP updated with a new build. Two Amlogic-specific issues: mem leak and a/v sync are still under investigation.

    Nice, thanks.
    Will you be adding access to the Libreelec repo / PVR addons in a next build ..?

    When i add a PVR addon (DVBLink) manually its complaining about missing shared resources.

    atreyu and kszaq: I for one, had no issue with live TV on the .008 release and first experienced the stutter on the .009 build. My box is a Nexbox A95X (S905X) with 1 GB of RAM.

    Yes, i have heard some more similar issues for people with different backends on several machines.
    Maybe something to do with the used format/stream/etc. per channel. For me it's mostly HD channels that have stuttering with steady intervals in this build.
    Previous build was one big jerky mess for all channels. Everything else plays fine, though.

    That doesn't really make sense. The only reason I could think is that an Internet connection wasn't available because the language packs are installed as add-ons.

    I would like to add what i have found.

    I have been noticing some internet connection issues with freshly installed LE instances.
    First noticed the issue when installing addons through the 'Get More' option. It wasnt there ;-)

    What i did was go to the addons section and manually trigger an update check (cycling through your addons might also doi this.
    After this, addons are immidiately updated and your connection will 'recover'.
    My very uneducated guess is, that the new way of autodownloading all available language addons into Kodi on start seems to conguest things.
    Might be something else, but the behaviour is reproducable (and resolvable) like described.

    kszaq: Thanks for your continued development!

    Like .008, this build also stutters continuously with Live-TV on a Minim8s with generic 100/2 dtb file from .008 release where .007 works without issue.

    I will be using the .007 version as that one works best in my situation. In the meantime i will be playing with your 7.9.x releases. Very promising!

    Thanks again!

    Can you please give the one below a try.

    I swapped out the files and tested with gxbb_p200_2G_100M_RealtekWiFi.dtb
    No difference; picture is bumping allover and stuttering sound.

    Frankly i didnt expect this to work, because i think it's only difference with the generic is wifi related (?)

    For me, it's very clear that this build is a lot worse a/v wise from previous builds. Hope it helps.

    Can you please advise which Device Trees you are using with the LibreELEC-S905.aarch64-7.0-devel-20161024175728-r23406-g57856b7.img.gz
    Where did you get the device tree ? I am hoping it was from device_trees
    Trace your steps on how you got to the Dev Build. From .007 to update you had to use .008 Device tree.
    I am just trying to eliminate the device tree being the cause.

    I think you have a good point here. I thought it was not neccesary to swap the tree if the current one worked.

    I used the device tree specific for minim8s from the .006 release. Then i tested it with a generic dtb from the .007 release.
    I'll check to see if it's any different with a blob from the .008 release. Can only use a generic one, but we'll see..


    \EDIT.. OK, tried with the 2Gb/100MB dtb from the .008 release
    Results are a little less choppy, but to be fair the a/v is still stuttering all over the place. Just not quite as bad as one of the other dtb's...

    Well. i havent had any noticable a/v sync issues before the latest dev build, but with that version no matter what i play, it takes only a second to see that this build is unusable for me.
    All still tested on am MiniM8s and MiniMx, btw.