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    I have a newbie question to ask.

    I am successfully updating kzaq's versions with no issue at all. I do that by putting the .tar file into the update folder.

    I would like now try to update the dtb file. How do i do that?

    Thank you.

    Procedures are described in detail by kszaq on the first page. You cant go wrong.

    Let me help you out; just find the proper .dtb file from the location mentioned on the first page. Grab the proper one for your box (make sure memory and ethernet values match) and replace the file on your SDCard after burning the image. Boot. Done.

    PS: Note that if you have a s905X box,or are using a existing device tree that works , replacing the device tree might not be needed. Just leave it.

    If you don't use LIRC device tree, IR works exactly the same as in 7.x.

    Thank you.

    I copied a remote.conf from an identical box that still had Android on internal storage, put it in the .update dir and rebooted. IR now works ;-)

    In my case, v17 is not ready for prime time yet, though as channel switching times are (very) slow still. Especially HD channels.

    A very good build anyway, you do great things for amlogic users!

    Hi Kszaq,

    First of all, thanks very much for your work. I still enjoy your 7.x build every day as it works flawlessly.

    I was waiting to upgrade to v8, as i am using a (partly) IR remote with my bluid-in receiver (minim8s).

    Happy to read buildin IR receivers should be supported in 8.0.2e, so i installed a fresh image.

    Unfortunately, IR is still not working with this build. Totally unresponsive to remote commands with both a standard dtb and a lirc one.

    Amy chance that IR will return to function as it did in v7..?



    Hi Kzsaq,

    i think this latest 'h' build is the best one yet for playback.
    Really fast switch times for LiveTV, practically no stutters, plays everything great.

    However, in the latest builds (dont know exactly since which one) Bluetooth is broken for the buildin module, at least for the M8s Mini and MiniMX devices.
    BT devices are detected, but if you connect/pair the device is always 'disabled' or 'temporary unavailable'. Not one connect ever succeeds.

    I think this might be the result of your efforts to help other BT devices function, but i would love to have BT back on the latest builds.

    Thanks for all your efforts,


    Wtf?! Those two repositories have normal legal addons,
    I am not talking about warez stuff or something like that.
    I would understand that.

    Also, they work on both my Pis, just not on Libreelec.

    You should at least take the time to read some very basic rules when entering a forum.

    It looks like now it's possible to autocopy user data. It didn't do that, before.
    And estuary is just not build for the Jarvis build system.

    Hi, sorry I have to correct my statement about reason of PVR lagging, it's caused in both 32bit and 64 bit versions by setting: Video - Adjust display refresh rate to "off".
    If I set it to "Always" or "On start/stop" it's not lag.

    I have noticed this as well. But still there's still some stuttering when viewing for longer periods of time.

    Yesterday i came home and started a h264 livestream and stutters are back.
    I found out that if i enable 'sync playback to display' judder is less, but still present.

    Reverted back to and all is fluid without any adjustments. I will stay on .007 for my usecase.

    Yes you can. No Estuary,though

    I can only advice you to try several of kszaq's builds.
    Of all versions only .007 and .3.011 are usable for my pvr needs. Kszaq just cant test every possible use-case out there.

    Can I install to internal memory and execute the installtointernal command from USB as well? Or does it have to be from SD?

    I dont think the source matters for installtointernal. Have not tested it, though..

    Yeah, about to installtointernal, so happy with this one. Lets see if tge boot issue persists when 'single booting' :-)

    My builds don't modify bootloader at all, you keep the one that was installed last time with Android. When you see "Updating bootloader..." during update process it actually does nothing to bootloader, it's only about updating device tree.

    I'm sorry about the boot issue. I have 3 S905(X) boxes, I made them automatically reboot every 30 seconds and all rebooted fine all the time with It's hard for me to tell what's causing the issue when I cannot reproduce it.

    I also experience the occasional boot issue on a minim8s with your most recent releases. Both 32 and 64 versions seem to be affected. Sometimes it hangs on the google tv logo on reboot (never on cold start).

    What i did is plug everything into a remote controlled powersupply. 'Fixed' ;-)

    Using the same method but for the 64bit worked perfectly. I'm sorry but, how do I find the update folder? Do I create it in my sd card?
    I think I can (technically) move the two files from my sd card to /storage/update if that's the path you meant. But I'm not sure what the SSH commands are to do that. I don't wanna ***** it up :P.

    'update' is a hidden folder already present on the device. It is shared without user/pass by default

    Thanks atreyu, that did it! :)

    Ofcourse it did :-)

    Quick question... I'd like to go back to from 7.90. I have LE installed onto NAND. Can I just drop the img.gz and proper device tree into 'Update' folder and reboot? Thanks.

    You might only encounter issues if addons are not compatible between versions or if addon cache remained from the previous install when switching architecture.
    I recommend the 32bit version. The reasons and howto are thoroughly explained here.

    What does that mean? how do I know if i need or can use the 32bit? whats the diff?

    Edit : I got the s905x beelink minimxiii ii

    Please read the opening post. This is described in detail by kszaq. Really hard to go wrong ;-)
    The main difference betwen the 32/64 build is memeory management. There's a hard-to-solve- issue on 64bit that does not seem to be present in 32bit builds.

    I got this information in this very thread or the last release thread. If you are interested all your questions are anwered already.


    When I'm watching Live Tv, and push the back button to go to the home screen the HDMI signal goes away for some seconds, same thing when I do the contrary, frome home screen to Live Tv? How can I solve this?

    regards, Jefken.

    Are you sure this is not just refresh rate adjusting?

    By default, Kodi will try and do just that on start-stop, which takes a moment.
    Find the setting at: system-settings -video (guessing here) adjust display refresh rate - try and set to off