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    I changed it to v3 same result.

    as far as i know there's two places where you can set smb version. In the libreelec settings (min-max) and in kodi service settings (cant check right now but i believe that is correct).

    I set the LE config to min: smbv2, max: smbv3. In Kodi services i set max to smbv3. That works here.

    Also, i think that some nas systems require smbv1 to function

    I have been playing around with the latest 8.2 versions. Livetv seems better than in previous 8.x builds (dunno why, maybe something from upstream).

    Decided to leave it in my main system (m8s mini s905, installed to internal) and it has been solid since release except for one thing: when configuring settings in the OE config app sometimes Kodi restarts. I think it's mainly when bluetooth config changes. Using the generic p200 2gb/100mb dtb if that matters. Have not seen this behaviour in any previous version so i thought i would mention it. Reproducable most- but not all of the time.


    what problems do you have with live tv?

    stuttering on hd streams with any version below 8.1.3. To the point of crashing Kodi

    Black screens or very huge delays ( 20-40 secs) when changing channels on all 8.x builds.

    In latest 7.x versions there's almost no stutter (a little stutter only when osd is active) and changing channels takes 2-3 seconds

    I believe the pvr/vp changes in Krypton have 'teething issues' and i will wait for Leia, where there seems to be futher progress in the area of livetv

    Tried the latest 8.1.4

    Its absolutely perfect, except for livetv.

    I will skip v17 for this purpose as its generally accepted it's performing less then Jarvis. I have my hopes up for Leia, though.

    Your efforts are really appriciated. will do its job excellently until Leia arrives ;-) Thanks again for making all this possible..!

    reverted back to 8.1.2.

    Channel changing has not crashed kodi yet, but HD live channels have a consistent 'stutter'. Streams will freeze for a couple of seconds, than resume. This repeats every 20-30 secs. SD channels are fine.

    In case it matters, I used all default player settings except for ' adjust display refresh rate'. I always turn this off to avoid black screens when anything is started.

    Unfortunately, i spoke too soon regarding livetv performance.

    Changing channels will progressively slow down and sometimes will even crash kodi (program restarts). Back to v7 for now, thanks for your continued efforts , kszaq!

    Tried this build, focussing on livetv performance.

    Contrary to the 8.0 builds switching channels is not as fast as Jarvis, but quite acceptable.

    I noticed installing addons will sometimes stall or freeze anything else in Kodi and it only recovers when rebooted.

    Nothing else i noticed from my couple of hours of playing ;-)

    Thanks again for this one, kszaq..!

    I'm afraid you won't get decent channel switching times in Krypton. The best so far is @afl1's build but I don't want to include his patches as they look too hacky for me. On the other hand, Leia is reported to be excellent in channel switching.

    Thank you for this insight, i was wondering myself about the pvr & videoplayer progress in Leia.

    No particular rush for me on the s905 models i own, because i really think what you did in the latest 7.0.3 versions is truly magnificent. I will happily keep using that build for now and i will surely find out how to send you a coffee!

    Thanks Kszaq for your excellent work as always!

    Anybody tried playback and, more importantly channel switchtimes for Live-TV in this build?

    I am still running version as this does the job for livetv and switching channels perfectly. Still waiting for a Krypton build that doesn't take forever to change the channel (especially noticable with HD streams, sometimes it takes as long as 30-40 secs).



    Just tried spare usb controler and it works fine. It seems I can use original remote that came with the box to switch on the box but after that it doesn't work at all. I could use original remote to switch on the box and use my other usb remote for everything else but ideally i would like to use original remote only. still stuck don't know what to do

    Try copying the remote.conf from the original Android source for your box to the .update folder of your current 8.0.2e install. The reboot. That worked for me.

    The file should be in the /etc dir in Android.