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    As a temporary solution change default refresh rate to DVB TV refresh rate and you don't see this issue at start.

    For me refresh rate set to 50Hz and iptv works without this bug.

    This issue occurs only for refresh rate switching.

    If it doesn't solve you problem than it possible DVB has another issue

    Thanks, but the issue persists on any refresh rate i set.

    First noticed the issue on a main system, which has a refresh rate of 50Hz to match DVBC.

    Test system has 60hz, but i also repeated it on a 50hz system, same thing.

    Sound stutters are the biggest problem, for now i would be able to live with the delayed starts.

    I understand the choice is made to use the new kernel going forward.

    The new development image has the same issues the earlier builds had.

    To help in solving the A/V issues, i have installed the new dev release om a test system

    (main system is in use and had to revert after only one minute for usability of some other members of the h.u.m.a.n race ;) ).

    On a test system (s905) i did the following:

    - Installed fresh image

    - Completed minimal configuration (region settings etc, all other settings default)

    - Installed DVB addon

    - Enabled debug logging, enabling both audio and video components

    - Changed DVB Channels (HD->HD->HD-SD-SD)


    Picture freeze on start of the stream (both SD and HD) for about 8 seconds before it catched up, sound continous

    Continuous sound stutters (more so on HD content)

    Debug log attached.

    Hope it helps!


    I'm not sure if these issues are user related or kernel related, I have a s905D and a S905X, and I don't have any problems with 8.90.6 except from the AAC 2.0 problem. But if it's user related, chancing kernel won't help ;)

    I very glad for you it all works in your case.

    The answer to your question i think is: both.

    I think it would be wise to continue with kszaq's kernel for now.

    I see people stating very obvious things ('the future is forward', 'incompatible' etc etc),

    Most of us know these things, it's just that moving forward while there are major regressions compared the a more solid current solution imo is losing sight of the purpose of these builds (a very nice experience).

    I fully agree what Raybuntu stated about this (#63), although he clearly knows what he is talking about much more so than me ;)

    Very much looking forward to a current build based on the fully working kernel.

    @all DEV's: Thanks for all the work that is and hopefully will be put into these builds.



    In your log I see lot of CVideoPlayer::CheckContinuity - update correction causing audio out of sync. It looks like performance issue. But I can't see audio debug log. You have allow in Logging specific log: Audio and A/V timing.

    Live TV is more time sensitive for decoding and it need better data caching, buffering and faster data transfer. I ported some kernel tweaking from kszaq kernel. My testings shows very positive performance improvement in fixing playback issue. You have to wait for new version.

    Thank you for looking into this :thumbsup:

    Good to see the thread revived, all cleaned up ;)

    As mentioned before i'd like to confirm boot2k3 (and others) findings.


    (Only) in LiveTV, on changing channels, there's a black screen or picture freeze for about 5-8 seconds. Sound is sometimes audible, in cases where picture freezes, there's no sound during this time. After 5-8 seconds, image and sound catch up and stream is displayed.

    On HD Channels mostly, there's continuous sound cut-offs while picture remains stable after first start of the stream.

    Stream format / FPS seems to matter; see below for my exact reproduction actions.


    minimx s905 1Gb / 1Gb

    dtb: gxbb_p200_1G_1Gbit.dtb

    M8s Mini s905 2Gb / 100MB

    dtb: gxbb_p200_2G_100M.dtb


    - Installed LE. 8.90.6 version

    - Installed LiveTV Addon (DVBLogic 6.x)

    - Enabled Debug Logging

    - Start Live TV stream: HD - result: picture starts frozen for 5-8 seconds, then catches up and plays without issue

    - Change Channel - Next Channel: HD. Sometimes fast and without issue; sometimes the same symptoms as above

    - Change Channel - Next Channel: HD. Same

    - Change Channel - Next Channel: SD. Mostly picks up fine immediately, sometimes freezes like above.

    I attached the clean log.



      (257.47 kB, downloaded 40 times, last: )

    No, imo the picture definately has a 'tremble'. Not everyone might notice but to me the picture is not 'steady' for lack of a better word. That and the frequent freezes on playback start made me revert. I will leave 90.6 on a testsystem in case GDPR-2 decides to look at this and asks feedback.

    I see the same effects on 8.90.6.

    This, and picture freezing/audio dropping that weren't there in 8.90.5.

    The new kernel just isnt there yet in my opinion. Gone back to 8.90.5 and living with the occasional lockup when stopping local content.

    Really hope the a/v moves forward in future builds. Right now the best version would be an alpha2 kodi version with kszaqs kernel... Will be following progress if and when it moves on...

    Thanks for a new release.

    I updated from the 8.90.5 release and tried a clean install.

    Unfortunately, the new kernel still has some a/v issues. I tested for a couple of hours. It's better than the test releases, but for livetv theres still a/v regression to the point that it becomes unusable.


    - Picture will start frozen for some time (sound continues), especially with hd content. Sd has the frozen picture on start, be it less frequent

    - Both HD and SD show artifacts and/or picture will freeze for some moments. Sometimes sound drops out.

    Reverting to 8.90.5 gives a perfect picture and livetv starts fluidly.

    If you want me to do more specific tests or provide logs or more info please tell me. I will do what i can to help troubleshoot this issue.

    Thanks for your efforts so far and have a perfect weekend!


    test release updated, module issue with wetek should be resolved now, wrxtasy sound patch has been removed also

    see above, the Netflix issue is a problem with the addon and the developer needs to update it, latest releases can be found here

    Installed your new test release.

    Sound hickups and livetv image freezes are still present. Might be the same issue as described here(?):8.2.4 MR audio issue

    Funny thing is i thought SMB was broken in this test release, but another issue i reported with firewall profiles being swapped seem to be corrected (where public profile is actually for public and not for a home profile as in the prev rel. ;) )



    Don't have any more time this weekend to test further, what i did notice after some time, livetv image totally freezes.

    It does that comsistently after an arbitrary amount of time.

    Kids will be demanding my time this weekend, but i sure will be following progress.

    Thank you again for the work you put into this project, i think it's amazing what has been accomplished already!