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    The 1024 build unfortunately proofs to have the least audio/video results.
    For the first time i see what others were talking about when they say sounds stutters.

    I tested live TV and a whole bunch of other formats (HD/SD). All have very bad stuttering sound and video is not fluid. In fact it's really bad.
    Dont know what has changed, but i'd say to improve a/ the exact opposite of what has been done in the 24-10 version (j/k)

    Thanks anyway, much appriciated. Back to .007 for now, as aside from the memory drain, a/v is near perfect in this version

    I tested the latest dev build LibreELEC-S905.aarch64-7.0-devel-20161018160755-r23394-g4208031.img (Mini M8S 2/8)
    Tested 1080p and 576p mpeg2video live-tv which showed severe A/V sync issues in earlier test build. now perfectly fine.

    Thanks a lot kszaq! I'd say whatever you did, that was it!


    first of all, thanks very much for these builds, it is very much appreciated!
    I am using .006 on a couple of devices, and recently also loaded it on a mini m8s which i bought because it has 2GB Ram.

    I'd like to confirm the A/V syn issues on some content in .008.
    For me, it's mostly Live TV (mpeg2video) which really has terrible sync issues to the point that it's just not usable.
    The latest working version for me is .007 which runs just fine with any format but has some idling issues for me so i reverted back to .006. I will wait for builds to be build against latest master branch :-))

    Unfortunately, i am far away from my home setup, so i cannot provide samples or test things some more.

    Thanks again for making this possible!

    Yes, I can confirm that behaviour. It happened to me twice or so. First time it was on pre-007 test build.

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    Thanks for confirming.

    please forgive the noob question - which specific files from do I need to copy to SD card for a Mini M8S TV Box Amlogic S905 Xmbc Android 5.1 player, please? Thank you.

    You need to burn the image (unpack .gz file and you will get an .img) to a SDCard or USB stick and replace the dtb.img afterwards.
    I use the m8smini dtb from the .006 release folder. But the generic p200 2Gb 100MG generic one also works.

    This installs it on SD. If you are happy with it you can always transfer it to NAND later.
    If you are still having trouble read kszaq's instructions. They are quite clear.

    First of all i really appricate the efforts put in these builds, thanks a lot!

    I have a miniMX and a M8S Mini and have been running your builds for a while, all with little issues (memory management aside).
    With the latest .007 build there is an issue with idling. I don't know if its the changes in the kernel, but if the box is left alone for a long enough period, it will not react properly when prompted.
    Screen stays black, you can see the sound icon for a brief second when sound buttons are pressed. Nothing else after that.
    Tried this with the m8s dtb and a generic one. No difference. I reverted back to .006 where this issue is not present.
    Anyone ele have tried to keep the box (M8S, but might be with other models too) idle for, let's say, a night and have it come back properly?
    Curious about other experiences.

    btw, kszaq, i really liked the script for installtointernal, worked like a charm!