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    After 2 days of trial error, only OpenElec v4.2.1 works on my system. I've tried newer versions of OpenElec and all these LibreElec but none work. I've tried updating from this version by SSH following all instructions but game an error saying that my system will debug in 120 seconds. Then I tried to do a clean install but it either hangs on Matricom logo now or it goes to that 120 seconds debug screen and hangs there. I don't don't know what else to do. It least I can have old ass XBMC Gotham running for video playback and WiFi for SSH access in case someone knows something I can attempt to get a newer Kodi version running

    Are you also having the same issues as me other than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth? have does yours work after rebooting?

    Hello everyone and thank you KOPRajs for thie build. I followed instructions and was able to flash the firmware as a new installation coming from my OEM android 4.2.2 os on my G18ref (MX2 Clone?) device using your Storage.img to an SD card. I've left the SD card in there since I know data is written and read from there instead of NAND.

    Everything seemed fine at first but during the welcome screen, it didn't detect any WiFi networks. I ignored this and continued set up and I enabled SSH and Samba then I finally I got to access the Kodi home screen. I plugged in my external hard drive and was able to play Movies just fine using my wireless Keyboard/Touchpad that my Streamview Box came with. The remote controller my box came with doesn't seem to work with LibreElec. Only the Power Button does. After my movie was over I shut off the device using remote controller.

    A few minutes later I turned on the box and the first time it hung on the LibreElec splash screen. I unplugged my external hard drive and rebooted and this time it hung on Kodi 17.3 splash screen. I rebooted using remote controller again and it finally got back to Kodi home screen. I had changed the home screen to only show Favorites screen but it recerted back to initial configuration and time set to 12:00AM.

    As I was navigating the Kodi screen down back to favorites, Kodi froze. I know it froze because my computer's SUB keyboard didn't work either and the time was still at 12:00AM after 12 minutes. Haven't been able to progress from here. I've re-flashed your version of LibreElec 8.0.2 3 times already and no progress.

    To summarize:

    1. I did a clean install of your 8.0.2 file

    2. WiFi doesn't work at all, can't even find networks on setup.

    3. Remote controller only works for power button now.

    4. LibreElec or Kodi splash screen hangs when rebooting if USB Hard drive is plugged in.

    5. Now, splash screen hangs sometimes on reboot with nothing else plugged in other than SD card

    6. Device freezes seconds after Kodi starts up.

    What can I do to troubleshoot my issues? I can't find OEM firmware to revert back to original state. I'd way rather fix this version if possible.