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    "I do not know how I am going to make a proof of no-damage return"

    - through the fact that someone else (friends) is able to witness that your device was running under windows

    - through photo's and

    - through a signed pack list and *before* you pack it and send it back.

    Circumvent that the seller can say: it is not complete, it is damages, etc ...

    Driver problem:

    as @mglae noticed: it seems that the device was internally and undocumented changed.

    this means to me there is no driver for linux (yet and maybe for a long time, if ever).

    even nobody knows what the right fixes are => different devices with same ID's makes that searches somewhat difficult

    Maybe one here can tell you more. I'm not a developer.

    I for me only read about nearly 2 years old and open bug reports saying "unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference" which is - IIRC- a heavy bug.

    I tried to bring this bug to the attention on linux media-list without success.

    I tried a technotrend and a terratec, both with the ID's mentioned in dvb wiki and no.

    what's left ?

    photos, witness, pack list (for that *special* shop) stamp and bye bye grap !

    yep, it looks so.

    But after my experiences with this shop I would also tend to say "What a crappy shop" !

    !!! DON'T BUY THERE !!!

    BTW: terratec install routine under windows was as usual: easy.


    My technotrend came with an external 12 V !

    If you bought by that shop and you don't got an external 12 V it would make "special sense" regarding money back to me ... !


    If you bought there too: be prepared if you want to send back your device and to get your complete money back !!!

    Make sure and be able to witness to that the back delivery was complete and without (optical) damages => photos / a list signed by the witness.

    If you don't had an RMA in your package, like me:

    the back delivery adress is NOT the address in their imprint, it is precise:

    Otto-Lilienthal-Straße 7, Haus 2, 06796 Brehna

    yes the small and un-bold address here:

    DVBSHOP - TechnoTrend,Mystique,Digital Devices,Tevii

    Btw pls test a milhouse build if it works there, if there is a kernel bug it won't get fixed anymore as LE9 is already at the "corner".

    'can't test against above driver related bugs cause the devices were send back to the seller.

    But I can test - and actually do - with another x86_64 box with an DVB PCI card !

    No, it does NOT !!!

    Tested the above device ~2 weeks ago on last LE release and on some vanilla/distro kernels on Fedora 27 (x64_86)

    ID 0b48:3011 TechnoTrend AG TT-connect S2-4600

    => BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference

    see => BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference

    same Bugs in

    - DVBSky S960

    - TerraTec Cinergy S2 Rev.4 (ID 0ccd:0105)

    Technotrend and TerraTec was tested by me

    esp. Technotrend I got an additional error message sort of "overcurrent on usb port xyz"

    not so on TerraTec ...

    If they would work I would go for a TerraTec again