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    Hi. This works for me, its a post from wrxtasy:

    The solution to Bluetooth connect the Sony PS3 Dualshocks to AMLogic devices is to:

    1) Connect controller via USB cord and then disconnect.

    2) Using a remote in LibreELEC Config > Bluetooth settings > Select the PS3 controller > Trust and Connect (NOT Pair)

    3) The most important bit - install the PS3 Game controller Addon from the Kodi Repo then.

    4) In Kodi Settings > System Settings > Input > Peripherals > Configure Games Controllers > Playstation > Config the controller buttons.

    The only problem I have now is that the four leds remain blinking forever

    I will check this, I don't really use the included scrapper, but I do recall there is an option to not write the XML on exit, maybe its not enabled on 1.8.3

    Edit: <bool name="SaveGamelistsOnExit" value="false" /> on es_settings.xml you need to change this to value="true"

    I have been doing some test. The problem with 1.8.3 is the image route on gamelist.xml when you scrape from the menu, in 1.8.2 the route begins with

    "<image>~/.emulationstation/downloaded_images/" but on 1.8.3 it begins with "<image>./station/downloaded_images/"

    As for controll maping problem, I don't know.

    Hi. I have another problem, I downloaded scrapers from ES menu and everything works fine, I can see the game cover and description, BUT when I leave ES to Kodi or shutdown/restart the system, the game covers dissapear despite the images are still on downloaded_images folder and the gamelist.xml is still on gamelist folder

    Edit: I just tried Sx095RE 1.8.2 and it works without problems, so there is some bugs on 1.8.3 (game cover dissapear and ps3 controller button mapping problem)