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    i've been using enigma since the old dreambox 500 so more than a decade. it does the job and of course there is a great community behind. only embaced kodi in the last 2/3 yrs so i now made the link between the 2. another substitute for the vu addon is the iptv simple addon, which works with the list m3u made by the enigma box.

    i've basically just been linking the existing hardware in my possession and made the best use of it. in the end of the day they speak the same language. good luck with yours.

    you could be looking at a enigma2 receiver, such as the vu+ ultimo 4k with twin fbc sat tuners. adding a cascadable dSCR multiswitch to the existing one, could have potentially 8 different tuners. then any libreelec box with the addon vu+ enigma 2 would be able to stream every recording (box it's pvr adding a hhd) and multiple frequency streaming (depending on LNB/dSCR multiswitch). Just an idea. I've done this in my house as i can't at the moment bring cables from the back to the front of the house. so i use a vu uno as server and "slave" boxes in 3 different rooms. There is plenty to read around, just head to specific enigma2 forums.

    4.4.0 pushed to the repo

    It improves username and password validation

    And it removes PureVPN as they have their own add-on now which hopefully addresses the ongoing issues with dropped connections and security holes. It also means that these issues with Pure can be taken up with their support directly. You can get that here kodi-vpn

    followed suggestion and gave up on purevpn, now with new provider no problems. one question, i'm using IBVPN and server list on your addon seems missing quite a few servers. I am referring to italian ones in particular. any chance to implement them? thanks for your work. And well done with purevpn

    hello, i'm new here. thanks very much for your addon which works great. have been using it for a while and everytime at some point the vpn disconnects without any reason.

    platform libreelec lastest stable

    vpn manager latest

    vpn provider purevpn

    vpn server swiss

    unfurtunately i can only test it on the swiss server for my purpose, so don't know if it is a server side problem, or some glitch in kodi/addon

    i have the log file, but it's 70mb large and when i try to copy it on pastebin it just hangs for ever and then crash. is there any other way i can publish the log anywhere? unfortunately being a random problem, it could happen any time, that's why it is so large.