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    Can you connect in Kodi via the tvheadend client?

    Yes I can, but it says looking for tuners, which it wouldn't be able to find as I haven't been able to configure it in my PC browser

    Also are you all on the same subnet

    Yes all PC's in the house are.

    Also check the settings in Kodi for the server and client

    How ?

    Also try https//

    Done that - same result

    Hi – I have a Minix U9h box running LibreELEC ( Kodi (Krypton 17.6), I'm using it to run my library of Movies and TV shows.

    I am able to access the box over WiFi on my PC (Win 10).

    Wanting to run live TV so I installed TVheadend from the LE repository, both server and client.

    I then tried to access TVheadend from my browser (Firefox) on my PC by typing in the IP address of the box plus 9981

    So it reads

    My browser keeps telling me it can't make the connection.

    Am I missing something I should have done on LE or on my PC ?

    OK after much frustration and deep thought I finally solved the problem of the missing USB Drive

    Add Videos --> Browse Source --> Root --> /storage -- /media and there's your USB Drive.

    You can then add folders as per normal.

    Very new to this type of setup and wondering if I've done something wrong.

    Have MECOOL M8S Pro+ box and have managed to setup LE and Kodi and when I turn it on it boots into LE Kodi.

    Then following the Kodi Wiki I have tried to add videos.

    This is where it all comes to a stop. Kodi recognizes the USB drive and lists it by it's name.

    Then I hit add videos and browse the USB drive does not appear anywhere.

    I have tried 2 different USB drives with the same result.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can fix this problem ?

    Sure, downloaded an app (Boot to LibreElec) from APK (haven't got the link - just search APK) the site allowed my to download to my win 10 machine.

    Put the app on a usb stick and plugged it into the android box, once installed on the box it allowed me to boot into LE from android without the need for a reset.

    I have a MECOOL MS8 Pro+ and it doesn't seem to have a reboot button inside, but I saw a post saying there was an app to reboot to LibreELEC which I can find in the play store on my win 10 machine but when I search for it in the playstore on the MECOOL I get no results ???

    Noob question regarding creating bootable USB. Do I create a bootable USB with Rufus first, or does the LE creation tool make the USB bootable and then do I add Kodi to the USB and install it from there ?

    Hi All

    As you can see I have just joined your community, after many years of using a HTPC running Emby, I thought it was time to move away from windows 7 and WMC as it's not really working properly anymore, not that there's anything wrong with Emby, but windows just isn't cutting it anymore for a TV, speaking of which it's a LG Smart TV about 6 years old.

    I already have a Fetch box for live TV and streaming and catchup.

    What I'm looking for is a box fo my large collection of movies and TV series, doesn't need 4K or UHD as you can see by the age of the TV. but it does need good WiFi and to be able to connect to my Win 10 computer in my home office for file transfers by WiFi.

    And it needs a good remote (mouse is getting awkward).


    Could I get some recommendations please