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    Does the nand go bad sometimes after doing internal nand storage?? because after flashing with 8.0.2 then run command for internal nand partitions everything is working fine. So I send it out to my cousin he's stays in another city after 4 months the mx2 does some weird auto repair and keeps running commands on the screen. Then I guide him into recovery and just erase data user but not partition the box would hang on libreelec screen with tty on top left corner. Smh. I'm thinking he need external memory for the box...?

    Are you really asking me how to delete a file on your computer? Or do you miss the point that there is no problem in your LE box but the problem is in SSH client on your computer? If you try to connect to your box via SSH from another computer it will work. It is a security feature of your SSH client that refuses to connect to your LE device because it has changed its SSH fingerprint (it changes with every new LE installation).

    So just delete the /Users/Dee/.ssh/known_hosts file on your Mac (I'm just guessing you are using Mac).

    You can delete it e.g. by running following command in terminal:

    rm /Users/Dee/.ssh/known_hosts

    it works!!! Thank you so much!! I don't have no knowledge of ssh. I basically just copy and paste and cross my fingers. But thank you again!!

    The problem is that SSH client application on your Mac has saved previous remote system identification for this IP address. Simple solution for you is to delete the known_hosts file in /Users/Dee/.ssh/known_hosts (or open it in text editor and remove line 6).

    Offending ECDSA key in /Users/Dee/.ssh/known_hosts:

    how do I delete it? This is new territory for me. Hope u can help.

    Ok thanks. Two questions. 1. Is there an updated link for the image and 2. Will the stick or sd have to stay in from now on our just for the first time? And thanks for your help. Your explanations have been fine.

    8.0.2 is the latest. It's running krypton 17.3. Yes u will have to leave the card in unless u ssh and run a command. But my problem is when ssh it it won't let me connect as u can see in the post above. So I have to run it with image storage on SD and leave it in there!

    im typing the right ip address. I'm trying have my memory store to nand. I've done it to other boxes. but i keep getting this

    Last login: Tue Jul 25 15:02:46 on ttys000

    Deez-MBP:~ Dee$ ssh [email protected]





    Someone could be eavesdropping on you right now (man-in-the-middle attack)!

    It is also possible that a host key has just been changed.

    The fingerprint for the ECDSA key sent by the remote host is


    Please contact your system administrator.

    Add correct host key in /Users/Dee/.ssh/known_hosts to get rid of this message.

    Offending ECDSA key in /Users/Dee/.ssh/known_hosts:6

    ECDSA host key for has changed and you have requested strict checking.

    Host key verification failed.

    Deez-MBP:~ Dee$

    do i have to use different image storage for each box? before trying to run it on nand.

    I have done it from open elec as new install. But for some reason the 7.95.3 is the only one that takes. When I did the tar file it just hangs on the libre elec splash screen. Updating from 7.95.3 to 8.0.2 that is.

    go on the page 1 u have make an storage image with libreelec image creator. Once u do that pop that in the side of ur box it will work. U can make the image using a USB flash stick or Sd card. Basically that will be ur external memory. Hope u get what I'm trynna say I suck at explaining things.

    from version 7.95.3 placing that file in update folder then rebooting the box does not see the update. Maybe because it is not a tar file. Any other ideas?

    Did u dl the tar. File??? Usually I just do new install. My problem is getting the memory to nand I'm hoping it's just flash drive is bad

    I'm not sure what is going on..... do the nand on the box go bad?? I flash my friend mx2 box with latest zip. I turn the box on with USB with image file for the storage then I run the command ssh seems like everything worked because I did the exact same to my mx2 box. But for my friends box when I take out the USB with the image file then turn the box on it won't work. It says something corrupt on top left corner and it go past the libreelec screen. Oh and his box was running ember before if that helps.....

    Question: I have 3 MX2's. I'd like to clone the setup of the first box after I upgrade to LibreElec 8.0.2 and using an external SDCard for /storage.

    Can I just clone my external SDCard 2 times and after the upgrade from Recovery to 8.0.2, insert the cloned SDCards to have 2 additional cloned MX2 setups?

    do u do this through libreelec setting or samba?

    I'm having trouble with it being choppy when playing 1080. Can tell exactly what u did??

    I have a box that won't let me ssh. I'm a look into this. But this is all done in samba right??

    Ok i thought all I had to do was create a folder in samba in configfiles but looks like there's more to it. Hope u can guide me. When I try to ssh it, it's giving me a warning : remote host identification has changed. I'm lost. I've ssh my other box with out a problem. Hope u can help.

    I have a box that won't let me ssh. I'm a look into this. But this is all done in samba right??

    I'm having trouble with it being choppy when playing 1080. Can tell exactly what u did??

    Do u do this through shsh?

    Ok I got ext3 on a USB. I flash my box with 8.0. I put the USB on the USB slot. Then turn the on. It would show matricom then LE but after that it would go black and just stay black. I use easeUS partition and labeled it libreelec_disk.

    Edit lucky I just left it on it took a couple of minutes then krypton loaded up. Now I gotta figure the ssh. Thanks for your work koprajs!

    Edit got to run the command through ssh thanks for your help koprajs. I only have one problem. I can't get my keyboard to work. It uses a dongle that plugs into USB it worked before but it don't now.