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    Hey datrh I too need to report the same wired network issue that has been noted above.

    Upon boot, the wired network is not connected. The only error messages in the log relate to not being able to connect to my MYSQL network database for example. In the LibreElec settings the wired network slider switch is off and all works when I switch it on. However it does not survive a reboot, when there is no network connection and the switch is off again.

    I have the same network settings as you, yet the problem persists.

    I have a generation 1 box.

    Thanks datrh

    1. That makes perfect sense, thanks.

    2. TV is a fairly modern Samsung with many modes. I do not create a Whitelist but rely on default refresh rate select. The right mode is selected in every instance, 24Hz for movies, 50Hz for Aus IPTV and the video/channel plays very well as far as I have seen, but try to do anything and it freezes.

    I might try the whitelist.

    Hey datrh

    I have been running your 17.6 for some time on my Minix X8-H+, really superb.

    I have had a few plays with your Beta releases, no real issues, hitting a few bugs now and again.

    For LE 9.0.0, I burnt a new image and inserted the SD card forgetting the comments I had seen regarding having to update the boot loader with the 'toothpick' method. I was surprised though that LE 9.0.0 booted up just fine!

    I have every confidence that I have the last KitKat release (I never up dated beyond this) and I applied the 'toothpick' method with a 17.6 version renaming the boot file at that time etc. It boots fine - or does it? Kodi Leia seems to operate smoothly.

    However I seem to be able to crash it pretty easily. Starting a movie is easy, but scrub to another point in the movie and it freezes.


    1. Do I need to redo the boot sector using the toothpick method as the new boot loader is important (and its absence is contributing to the crashing? Seems unlikely).

    2. Is the crashing while playing and skipping a separate bug and how might I help out with respect to this bug?


    No more community builds

    Sorry I haven't been keeping tracking of what the future may hold.

    Might we see:

    - An official build of Generic AML or specific s9xx builds by core LibreElec developers?

    - Retirement of previously active, brilliant and amazing community developers but with emerging developers with the same passion to continue the community builds?

    I current have an S812 box and an S905X box. The latter is running LibreElec 8.90.3.

    I have a lot of sports games that are MPEG-2 files extracted from DVDs. In the past, I have considered options such as Handbraking the files into h264 files but this loses a tiny level of quality and in a few years time, both MPEG-2 and h264 will be legacy codecs in any event. Hence I have retained all my original MPEG-2 files.

    What I am seeking is the approach to playing the MPEG-2 files. I have tried hardware acceleration, which works well, although I find the picture slightly grainy and jerky (emphasis on the slightly). I suspect this primarily has to do with deinterlacing.

    Hence at present I am finding the best quality playing of MPEG-2 files occurs with these settings:

    - Software decoding

    - Yadif half deinterlace

    - Bilinear scaling

    So my question is... what do you find is the best way to play MPEG-2 content.

    I am posting this issue in this forum as (and forgive me if I have this wrong) LibreElec has the AMLogic hardware decoding component (with only a few forks to do so). I am wondering therefore if there could be some deinterlace options made available that mimic the sort of software options?