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    In that case I would test whether the situation is improved in the LE9 millhouse builds.

    I have two MyGica T230 sticks too which work just fine for me under LE 8.2.3 on my Generic machine, though I use DVB-T2 rather than DVB-C which could be the difference.

    Presumably, you've only enabled DVB-C in the TVHeadend adapter settings and have not enabled DVB-T?

    Yes - I only use the DVB-C tuner in TVHeadend. I lightly overclocked the RPi3 now and seem to get less freezes - but still once in 10-20 minutes, where picture and video freezes for a few seconds.

    Which logfile could I post here to possible get some hints in the right direction here? Maybe the service.log from the tvheadend-folder?


    So - I've rearanged my devices and cables this weekend - with only little success: I have no more artifacts when viewing TV, but still slow (or no) channel switching sometimes - as well as short dropouts/freezes of the stream (about one sec).

    Somehow - I still cant believe that those dropouts or especially the slow channel switching can be related to interference, but rather to a software or hardware issue.

    Anymore hints? Otherwise I'll try to reinstall everything... And maybe switch to LE9

    Thanks for your insights and thoughts - I will give your suggestions a try and keep you up-to-date! :)

    Thanks so much for your quick and extensive reply, jahutchi! :)

    To be honest, I never closely investigated the logs, as I was a little overstrained with the amount of different logs and messages. Which would be relevant log be - to be fetched with dmesg?

    I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 by the way, with a Geniatech/MyGica T230 stick using its DVB-C tuner. The RPi3 is enclosed in a simple acryl housing, sitting between the TV and the WiFi router. Beneath to it, there is a NAS with 2 HDDs running 24/7. I guess there are a lot of sources for interference - and I will give your tips a go tonight or the next days - thanks!

    Do you think, the slow channel switching can also be lead back to interference problems? After all - as far as I understand - my good signal (SNR 34.0 dB, Signal -27.0 dB) should rather allow fast channel switching? Or is the "switching speed" dependant on other aspects like cpu power, etc?

    Concerning the upgrade to LE9: Is the internal backup solution via the LibreELEC menu enough to be able to restore everything as it is now? Or do I have to manually backup certain folders (because you have mentioned to backup relevant folders in /storage).

    I am a little confused wheter I should upgrade to LE9 - after all it is a Alpha - but still a lot of people claim that it runs even smoother than LE 8.2.x...

    Thanks again for your help! :)

    Thanks for the hints jahutchi - I will look into this tonight.

    One one hand, I doubt that the quality of the cables is the problem - I'm using an genuine/original RPi power supply (2.5A) and a rather high quality 1m HDMI cable.

    But on the other - the RPi is actually located next to my WiFi router, so this could really have a influence, according to what you mentioned.

    I will also look into my cable management, as I not really payed attention to that - out of lazyness and out of the fact, that I never experienced any problems with the cables being alinged in a "spaghetti" junction as you are calling it.

    But just to be sure that I understood you right: When you are referring to the problems you have been having then - do you mean artifacts or slow channel switching?

    And something else: I am having small drop-outs from time to time when watching TV - the DVB-C stream gets frozen for about half a second, then continues again...

    Thanks for your help guys - I really appreciate it! :)

    (Edit: Out of curiousity - do you think, I should give the latest LE 9 nightly a try - or should I stick to the stable LE 8.2.3?)

    Strangely, without doing your recommended steps, the artifacts stopped, but I am having still another problem: Channel switching is really slow, some times the switching doesnt work at all - then I have to switch back and forth in order to change the channel. Could this be related to the previous problem I had? Signal strength etc. is good as far as I know: SNR 34.0 dB, Signal -27.0 dB

    I will have to check if it occurs also during playback.

    Where to I set and increase the SDRAM value? Is this the ammount of shared RAM, reserved for the GPU?


    Still having Artifacts on my Raspberry Pi 3 runnning LE 8.2.3, TVHeadend 4.2 and a MyGica T230 DVB-C Stick.

    Could my Stick be faulty?

    Something else: Could anyone give me a hint to those millhouse builds? How do I try out those on my RP3?

    Thanks! :)

    Unfortunately, I still have problems with LE 8.2.3. I moved to a new place this weekend, its the same DVB-C provider, according to TVHeadend adapter status, the connection seems even better than at my old place (-50 at the old place, around -30 at the new place), but I get even more artefacts, slow channel switching, etc.

    Anyone have any idea what I could try to do?

    Thanks :)

    Dear LibreElec-Users

    I've stumbled upon this thread upon trying to find out, whats causing artefacts and slow-channel-switching when watching live TV.

    My setup: Raspberry Pi 3 running LibreELEC 8.2.2 (installed with PINN, parallel to RetroPie and Raspbian), TVHeadend 4.2 with a MyGica/Geniatech T230 over the DVB-C tuner.

    The channel switching is really really slow most of the time, I got artefacts on all HD channels (h.264) and when trying to tune in Radio-Channels, the RPi3 reboots after one second of playback all the time.

    I am unfortunately a newbie to RPIs/Linux, therefore I do not know, how to use the here posted fixes/reverts and would gladly appreciate some help or someone "pointing me" in the right direction.

    Thanks! :)