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    No. You don't put the files from the tar file. You copy the the tar file itself.

    But if you put a recent version then you have a working autoupdate so you don't have to bother copying files at all.

    AAh, that is even MORE awesome. Indeed i saw the "autoupdate" with LibreELEC settings and i was wondering what was going on, but you confirmed it then that no worries anymore. Just sit down and enjoy :). Thanks guys for the info.

    To put a newer version on, just copy the tar file to the update folder, via explorer or coreftp lite

    I also check to see if the device tree is a newer version, & put that in the update folder as well.

    then reboot

    Aah, that is just awesome. Also thanks for the tip of checking the device tree.

    Btw, to confirm if i understand something right, when you put the files from the tar files you also replace the device tree (renaming it to dtb.img) even if it is not a newer version right?

    Why do you need to get to upgrade mode? doesn't it have a reset switch?

    Well it has, but it was either buggy or the tutorial how to get in to the "upgrade/reset mode", was explained wrong. The upgrade mode is the "reset mode" compared to other devices with S912 soc. But everything is fixed now..FINALLY. I have put LibreELEC on the eMMC also and so far everything works including CEC.

    Although you also just repeated the same things others have said it before, still it gave me different a perspective. Thanks for that.

    BTW, if a new version of LibreELEC is released can we just upgrade(using libreELEC updater) without doing all the steps again?

    I had to use Register-mode to get in to the upgrade-mode. Their normal upgrade mode contains apparently a bug.

    Guys, could somebody PLEASE help me. If i have to count the hours i have been busy to get my VIM2 ready will be at least 40 hours spread over several days and counting.

    I have used this tutorials: [HOWTO + FAQ] Install community builds on S905/S905D/S905W/S905X/S912 device
    HOW do i use the dual boot feature on Android. Nobody explains it. I have pressed and hold the power button to reboot to Ubuntu with the dualOS, but i got a blackscreen and it would not boot anymore. I have used alternative ways (Android + Kodi), but with x264 x265 the core-CPU's are all on 100% (which means GPU acceleration isn't working. I have tried using ubuntu Mate (Kodi is still version 15.2 - CEC not working). That is why trying latest Libre-elec version and hoping everything does work but i just don't get anywhere.

    The upgrade-mode doesn't work as it has a bug or something. I can connect to my laptop by holding the power button and then connecting the USB-cable but that's it.

    I have the VIM2 MAX (3 GB RAM - 64 GB eMMC). Everything can be wiped i only want Libreelec on my eMMC.

    Could somebody PLEASE tell me step by step what i have to do to get this working, because this is just SUPER frustrating.

    Steps done:

    - SD Card: Rufus used with DD option to put the libreELEC image on the SD-card. Used the device tree (3g) and renamed it to dtb.img and replaced the one on the SD CARD.
    - Used burning tool to put the latest available Android Nougat firmware on Khadas website on the eMMC.

    Upgrade mode does NOT work: Howto Boot Into Upgrade Mode - Khadas Docs

    Now i am stuck here..