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    i tried play TV streams of my providers on registred devices KI Pro according to Android ID (related to mpeg-dash), but Simple client PVR is not start play in Libreelec/Coreeelc, if is not identified android id on libreelec/coreelec. It is possible install support for "dedicated - writable" id android direct to Libreelec / Coreelec?


    "FAV" button for favorite items (e.g. for internet streams or etc) is missing in remote control of KI Pro

    Good, now I only need a working dvb driver for the ki pro....... :(;)

    Wit last LE 8.2.5 on my MECOOL KI PRo is good dvb driver. On Coreelec i had working dvb driver on 8.95.5 release, but from 8.95.6 release is not working. I tried change also driver from original libreelec driver to last kernel driver. But bug is last update of coreelec in frame of dvb driver of KI PRO. Libreelec with kodi 17.6 is great !

    My experience is that IR is not so smoothly on 8.2.5 than was on 8.2.3. For remote control is good aplication as Kore or also Cetusplay through wifi home network.

    I will for sure says, that according wiki and offcial information is 650 mhz maximum requered speed for gpu mali 450 on KI pro. Please add possibility for max 650 mhz, and not only 792 mhz. S912 have not mali-450, but it have Mali-T820 GPU on max 750 mhz!!!. Maybe also is it too much for cooling system! Graphics and Multimedia Processors | Mali-450 GPU – Arm Developer.

    Nope, ist not stable.

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    I had same cases of crash after cca 50minutes of dvbt watching.

    Also with set localhost for tvheaded ? Maybe only reconnection is problem, but is nothing critical if is set localhost. Try to change the tvheadend kodi addon/pvr connection to use local - no need internet if you use eg. dvbt and box have more time for reconnecting.

    Hi, i have KI pro with S905D. I am first used LE as I will say first thanks to adamg and kszaq. My tv box had last rom firmware from july 2017 and now from 30. october. I dont had never trouble with audio-video synchronization in these original rom, ... but with equal videos i have audio-video synchronization (mp4 codec) bug in LE from 8.3.1 (i dont see these troubles in ver., but maybe was also).