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    Could also be a HDMI handshaking problem, you could try another cable.

    I have the problem the other way around. I have a Pioneer receiver which can not come into agreement with my Beebox. The Pioneer works fine with an ION 3D, but when connected to the Beebox, it is incapable of playing 44.1kHz. This is why I knew the setting :-)

    Assuming the device has IR, most Wetek boxes can be added by simply adding a device to your Elite in MyHarmony, but you can also select "Microsoft" "MCE Keyboard" or "Microsoft" "Windows Media Center SE".
    If you do so, most buttons will work immidiately. If buttons don't work like you want to, you can use the keymap editor script (search in addons) to adjust them. It is really very easy.

    If you have an remote with your Box, you can let the ELite learn the commands through Myharmony. Most of the times this is necessary for power on/off.

    I have an Elite myself and use it with LE.

    I also don't understand the special repro part? And try to reset the settings (after backupping them ofcourse) in the Libreelec addon to see if it works then.

    I use the lastest stable generic build with the Aeon Nox skin and those icons. I have multiple Libreelec systems. I recenty reinstalled one of my systems and encountered no problems. Libreelec and Openelec are case sensitive, this can be a problem if you don't install the skin from the original Kodi repro. If the images are not packed, they are not recognized if there is a case difference.

    Did you try the backup, reset and not restore. If it works without restore (with resetted settings) something is wrong in your configuration or one of your addons.

    Create seperate main folders for each group ("kids", "family" and "adults"), place the movies in the correct folders. Make smart playlists in which you select the main folders you created in the path selection (example: All movies with path contains "kids" can be saved as the Kidsmovies playlist).

    Use a skin like AEON Nox, in which you can select a playlist to replace a main menu item and you are there!

    I think this is general Linux/OE/LE problem rather than specific to one hardware. I have had it 5 years ago with my old Atom/Ion HTPC and the recommendation back then was the same as now - turn on TV first to guarantee a good handshake.

    I have multiple boxes running first openelec and now libreelec, also an ION box. I have had some problems on them, but on the N3150 the handshaking problems are worse. I tested it today on some other TV's and had the same problems.

    I also have an Asrock Beebox n3150. I use a heavy skin and some heavier python apps, so I like the added speed. But I agree to Nailig, it is a bit overkill.

    I am very impressed by the image quality of this device compared to other systems I own. The only problem I have is that HDMI handshaking is not very reliable. See also my my post here LibreELEC. Do a google search and you can find a lot of people complaing about that (mostly on the Asrock forum, so it might be an Asrock thing).

    Other things I noticed.
    On libreelec the build in bluetooth adapter is not supported (On openelec it worked)
    Audio with a sampling rate of 44.1 is not audible (Can be my receiver or another HDMI handshaking problem)

    Who knows... You will have to try that out yourself I think.

    LOL, I meant I did not understand why it would play them on from the Asrock ION 3D (Same version and fresh install of Libreelec) and not from the Asrock Beebox N3150. It looks like it is a Beebox thing.

    Can you play and hear audio files with a sampling rate of 44.1 on your Beebox? And did you have any HDMI handshaking problems when not on fast boot?

    I have a Beebox and set it to fast boot in the bios. Then i had the same problem. Have you checked that fast boot is disabled?

    Fast boot is disabled.

    I am pretty sure I tried all combinations and finally found one that worked. I always did a reset of the CMOS and all HDMI ports on all devices between all my tests. I now have not seen a black screen the whole day and do not need a delay.

    I have the receiver connected to HDMI1 of the Beebox and the receiver connected to HDMI2/ARC on the Samsung TV. I use the edid string I collected while it was directly connected to the TV. I do not need a delay anymore.
    As soon as I use HDMI3 on the Beebox, things become unpredictable. After one to ten restarts or normal startups it will give the black screen. If I connect the TV to the receiver and then to HDMI3 on the Beebox, it works as long as I use a delay?

    The HDMI handshaking on the Beebox is pretty unreliable in my opinion.

    Another thing (Nothing to do with the black screens), I had to add <minimumsamplerate>48000</minimumsamplerate> to the audio section of the advancedsettings, because suddenly my receiver is unable to play audio with a lower sample rate. If I use my old Asrock ION 3D with Libreelec connected to the same receiver, it will play them?

    Did you collect the edid with the avr, or direct connection to the TV? Try with the direct connection if you haven't already.

    Both. At the moment I have the Beebox N3150 HDMI1 connected to the receiver (Pioneer VSX-527) and the HDMI3 directly to the TV (Samsung UE37D6500). The EDID is collected with a direct connection. I changed everything to HDMI3 in the syslinux.cfg and xorg.conf. I also resetted the Samsung HDMI ports.

    For some reason I need a 5 seconds delay in my Harmony sequence before the Beebox startups (TV has to be on for at least 5 seconds), otherwise it never seems to work. But still it now sometimes works and sometimes not. If I get the no signal message on my screen, I can unplug the power of the TV for ten seconds (Keep everything else on and connected), after which it works?

    I am totally lost where the problem lies. Is it the Beebox, TV, receiver or Libreelec?

    Can't answer the second question, but as a workaround you can configure a delay on the harmony. It's a bit hacky - I'd do it by removing the 'power on' command from the harmony device settings (eg set it to 'none' or a fake command), then after starting the activity sticking in a delay (to let the tv fire up) and lastly powering on the Beebox.

    I will try that, but it is a bit annoying when you switch activities, since power on/off is one button on the Beebox. I can't understand why I can not get Libreelec to just always start in 1920x1080 with output enabled on HDMI3. I am sure there is a way, only I haven't found it yet.

    Since you already tried the EDID solution, I'm not sure if anything else helps other than simply turning on the TV first and the htpc later on. It's just one of those 1st World problems IMO. How old is the Samsung TV ?

    It is a Samsung UE37D6500 from 2011.

    I also just tried this

    Found the edid string in /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:02.0/drm/card0/card0-HDMI-A-3/edid, which I copied to /storage/.config/edid.bin and changed xorg.conf to:

    With same result