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    Hello, very much want to get your Wetek Core build running on mine (because it has working multichannel-optical-audio).

    Unfortunately I've never been able to get a working InputstreamAdaptive binary installed.

    Not sure where I should be looking for this. I tried installing the one from the LibreElec repository (peak3d- but this always fails;

    2022-05-15 09:30:20.786 T:2906837888 ERROR: Copy - Failed write to file /storage/.kodi/addons/temp/88ae640e-f057-493b-8ca3-d93b17e07762/

    2022-05-15 09:30:20.786 T:2906837888 ERROR: Failed to unpack archive 'special://home/addons/packages/' to '/storage/.kodi/addons/temp/88ae640e-f057-493b-8ca3-d93b17e07762'

    Would gratefully accept some help!

    UPDATE: Just noticed looking further up the log that another addon failed to unzip (with the same message) though the UI reported that installation had succeeded. So think perhaps something else entirely has gone wrong. Probably with my SD card creation (/storage is showing as 100% used);

    /dev/mmcblk0p2 27633 26955 23 100% /storage

    I'll start over.

    UPDATE2: A fresh start with a new image solved all issues!

    Update: DD and DTS also work properly through SPDIF and HDMI as well.

    Can confirm, 5.1 pass-thru working perfectly!

    Thank you so much, this could be huge for me, so I hate to ask for more, but do you know how I might convert this to a NAND-installable package?

    Can't seem to find the 8.2.5/9.0.2 NAND installer downloads (no more ?) - though I have them here. But there were equivalent zip files the content of which would be extracted to a FAT32 card which when booted on would copy the 'recovery' image to bootable NAND memory.

    The zip contents were;



    And the contents of that zip looked like;







    Just the operation from NAND is noticeably snappier. If not I can cope, probably by dual booting (9.0.2 from NAND, 9.2.8 from SD) but it would be the icing on the cake in terms of making the system current again.

    Also, is there an InputstreamAdaptive binary available for this build? My main motivation for upgrading is being able to stream from current DRM services.

    Actually, I also created an image for WeTek Core on request, but the user for whom it was made has not logged in to the forum since April.

    So you would do me a favor if you could test it, because this is the only image I didn’t get feedback on whether it works okay or not.

    LibreELEC v9.2.8 image for WeTek Core:

    Index of /3rdParty/Semi-official/WeTek_Core/

    I don't suppose your build would include the SPDIF multi-channel audio device (last seen in official LE in 8.2.5); [8.95.3 Wetek Core] Missing multichannel audio output ????

    Martin Blumenstingl and I both have Core boxes now (Martin having one is vastly more important - esp. since I have littl time for Amlogic fiddling at the moment). Meson8 devices now have working HDMI (1080p) and initial audio support is on the mailing list so platform support has progressed. You can forget LE10 support, LE11 might be more realistic for alpha support; although Meson8 devices will soon be stuck at the same incomplete vdec support as all the newer Amlogic hardware versions. Most of the current activity originates from Lakka/Batocera devs as the S812 chip has a reputation for great performance .. and gaming doesn't need fancy stuff like vdec/4K etc.

    I've said it before, the Core and its relatively fast onboard flash , nice remote and optical out has me still checking back here in the hopes of getting it upgraded. Still a believer....

    An actual Core? That's pretty cool, I'd have thought Wetek had long stopped caring about the Core (and run out of stock).

    It's a little long in the tooth but it's been a rock-solid performer for me with LE 8.2.5 and it has optical out - without which I'd have to replace a whole heap more of my system. Only problem now is that Kodi 17.6 doesn't get the newer InputStream and DRM components required to consume ever-more-common encrypted content.

    Hi, was hoping to update my Wetek Core to LE9, running from the faster internal NAND.

    Previously I've used the replacement recovery files from WeTek Core – LibreELEC but these don't appear to have been updated for LE9. Can anybody tell me if;

    a) I just need to wait for these files to be updated, or;

    b) They will/may never be updated (given the Wetek Core's age), or;

    c) There is an alternative source for such files (NAND install for Wetek Core via recovery image), or;

    d) There is a way to upgrade an existing NAND install from 8.2.5 to 9.x?

    Thank you for any advice. :thumbup: