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    Still no luck. I even tried uninstalling the addon, deleting the userdata folder, and reinstalling 0.7.2.

    Any idea why whenever I try and choose channel lineup in the addon I get an error? I'm running your latest version on Kodi 17.6 with TVH disabled and am just pulling the DirecTV lineup for my zip code. It pulls the data just fine, but having it pull for all 900 or so channels is way more than I need so it would be nice to be able to choose which channels.

    You need to copy the settings.xml file into whatever folder your're going to run the program from.

    If you want to run it without kodi after you use kodi to get it configured the way you want, copy the userdata folder contents to the same folder that you place the file in.

    Thanks, that worked!

    I installed this addon in Kodi 17.6 and set it up to create an xmltv.xml file (not using TVH) for importing into TV Guide Fullscreen and it's working perfectly so now I'm trying to run the script outside Kodi but I can't seem to get it working. Any suggestions?