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    jaykass, thanks again for your help. I'm almost embarrassed of this last question :)
    Renaming the file to storage-Armazem.mount didn't work, but creating the folder /storage/armazem worked great.

    Almost everything set now, all emulators running great from NAS.
    Next step will be to figure out how to work with the controls (DS4 and 8bitdo).


    No worries. When I first setup my automounts I got stuck on an equally embarrassing/simple issue that took me a couple hours to figure out. :-(

    is it case-sensitive? storage-armazem.mount vs /storage/Armazem

    The core name changed at some point. I manually edited my es_systems.cfg in /storage/.config/emulationstation to fix the issue.
    It should be not

    I submitted a PR for escalade at one time but I'm still learning git(hub) so I royally botched it and ended up having to close the PR.

    With snes9x2010 I am able to use zipped roms without issue.

    Since its happening across many roms, it sounds like its either a BIOS related issue or (similar to your fba issue) it might be an issue with es_systems.cfg. Try using PCSX rearmed instead.

    OK, so I was able to resolve my issue. I had some devices listed to standby in
    /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.libreelec.settings/oe_settings.xml due to copying over my .kodi/userdata file from an earlier installation. As shown in the code below, I removed the devices and no longer have any setup for standby. After making this change, I was able to have bluetooth enabled and have my screensaver working. I was able to activate the screensaver with the controller powered on (leaving the controller connected) or off. I was even able to enable standby from the menu and have the screensaver activate and disconnect the controller at activation. Just for additional testing, I then disabled standby again through the menus and everything continued to function properly.

    1. <bluetooth>
    2. <standby></standby>
    3. </bluetooth>

    So...the solution to this issue...appears to be one of validation before disconnecting. I see two options and a combination of the two might be the best way to handle.
    1) Clear bluetooth standby settings on a new installation...since the data is in the kodi userdata folder, it would not be unexpected for a lot of people to copy over old settings to a new installation. I do not know how this could be handled logically, but maybe something as simple as having a menu option to clear bluetooth settings.
    2) Enable validation in service.libreelec.settings/src/resources/lib/modules/ standby_devices. Currently, the function checks that a bluetooth adapter is present and also checks for devices to be listed in the standby settings but doesn't check to see that those devices are actually connected. So it attempts to disconnect something that isn't even connected and thus throws errors.

    Hello ladies and gents,

    I'm new here and I've searched and read through many of the pages in this thread but I'm unable to zero in on the information I need. Hopefully one of you experts can chime in with the solutions or ideas to point me in the right direction. I'm trying to get a bluetooth controller working on kodi that already pairs and works for emulationstation, it pairs in kodi but when I go to map the input controller buttons through kodi UI, kodi doesnt recognize it. The controller has 3 different modes of operation, android bluetooth, ios bluetooth, and mouse bluetooth. The mouse pointer works without any configuration. My question is, are there anyways to convert the emulationstation controller files to usable kodi files? I'd like to use this bluetooth controller to control both the emulation side and kodi side of the system.

    Thanks for all of your hard works and input to this conversation!

    What is the date of the build you are using?

    I am having a similar issue with regards to bluetooth and the screensaver. RPi3. Using 8bitdo SNES30 BT controller on escalade's community build. However, the issue does not appear to be due to his packages.

    At any rate. I get the following error in my log file when the screensaver activates if I have bluetooth enabled in LibreELEC (whether or not anything is connected). If I disable bluetooth then the screensaver activates as it should. That is my current work around.

    Hopefully this will aid in tracking down the root cause.


    So, my bluetooth/screensaver issue has reappeared. The screensaver will not start when bluetooth is enabled in LibreELEC. If I disable bluetooth, the screensaver starts without issue.

    I'm wondering if its tied to the -O2 compilation. Below is the relevant part of the kodi.log. it wasn't present with the older builds. unfortunately I skipped from 20160918 to 20160923 so I don't know which build broke it but it seems possible that it was when -O2 was added back. Haven't found anything relevant with Google yet.

    1. 20:38:06 8298.074219 T:1603400624 ERROR: ## LibreELEC Addon ## bluetooth::dbus_error_handler ## ERROR: (Method "Disconnect" with signature "" on interface "org.bluez.Device1" doesn't exist
    2. )
    3. 20:38:06 8298.074219 T:1603400624 ERROR: None
    4. 20:38:06 8298.082031 T:1960420368 WARNING: SplitParams("Bluetooth error", "Method "Disconnect" with signature "" on interface "org", 5000, "/usr/share/kodi/addons/service.libreelec.settings/resources/skins/Default/media/icons/bt.png") - end of string while searching for ) or "
    5. 20:38:41 8333.474609 T:1550967728 WARNING: CSkinInfo: failed to load skin settings
    6. 20:38:41 8333.605469 T:1960420368 ERROR: Control 1000 in window 13000 has been asked to focus, but it can't

    Follow up question -> i saw some reviews about batteries dying after 1 year of use. Know anything about that, if its common known fault or maybe something they already fixed in new production batches.
    OR, how is your controllers battery after a few months?

    My income was halved and i dont want to buy something that will get defected.

    On the other hand, i could solder in some nice battery for a few € if needed... cause i really like the controller now...

    I haven't had any issues with the battery yet but honestly I just don't think it's been long enough to know.

    New issue with up and left on my 8bitdo SNES30. It appears that it may be related to the changes made in Kodi 17 beta 2. I found another user had a similar issue though with a DS4 on the github (GitHub - kodi-game/peripheral.joystick: ARCHIVE of peripheral.joystick repo. See I added my comments to the existing issue for garbear.

    After additional research, it looks like before the bump to Beta 2 the joystick peripheral version in your build was 8653627 from 8/12. As of the beta 2 bump, the joystick version is 263AA84, which includes commit 31DF568 on 8/15 that switched to udev as the primary driver. It does appear that garbear is working on fixing this up but for the time being it is a noticeable regression. This may also be the same issue that is impacting DaRKeN.

    I reverted to 20160918 (before the kodi beta 2 bump) and confirmed the joystick functions properly again.


    Hello Friend. Thanks for answering. I mention that because it hurts my finger to give F5 and CTRL + F5 hahahaha.
    In my browser incognito mode only shows me 20160918, 20160920 and 20160921 but see nothing 20160921-2. In addition two folders that were not displayed before me appear, apparently are emulators Amiga.

    Before I read that the escalade companion had said he was ready 20160921-2 and what I was looking for download. I suppose, it will be up to the network.

    Regards :)

    20160921-2 builds are definitely there, I just confirmed, they are actually listed before 20160921.

    Bit offtopic -> currently i use standard snes usb controller. I would like to buy wireless ones, any suggestion? (i dont own other systems)
    My girls are 6 and 3 y old.

    I bought a 8bitdo SNES30 several months ago. After a few firmware updates, I can solidly recommend it to anyone who liked the SNES controller back in the 90s. In fact, I have a second on order now. Just make sure you update to the latest firmware from their website for best performance.

    OK. So the crashes to mono/sonarr resumed even after the fresh start with 20160918-2. I haven't yet tried 20160920 or 20160921. I was able to isolate the issue to a few video files causing the crashes during series scanning. However, I couldn't determine what was different with them than all my other files that scanned successfully. And oddly, they worked prior to the latest bump in Sonarr version on 20160918. Eventually, I decided to work around the issue by just replacing the offending files. All is now back in working order.

    While I was googling and troubleshooting, it did appear that this may be related to an outdated libmediainfo file (v0.7.83) in libreelec master. The current version is v0.7.88. The package in question is located here:

    Not sure if its worth the trouble for you to make the update or not if it was just a few files of mine that were an issue. And it seems no one else seems to be reporting the issue here. Or maybe it should be reported back to the master branch?

    I believe that to be a build issue, I've seen it a few times before. Probably happens when not doing a clean build somehow, although it shouldn't. Rebuild on the way.

    It looks like one of the latest commits moves the LibreELEC settings from the home menu to the settings menu... Likely changing skin settings yet again. if you haven't built yet, might be good to include now while making other skin related adjustments.
    I'm getting a lot of crashes with mono (sonarr). Is anyone else seeing anything like this or do I need to start from scratch?

    Numerous (like so many its not worth counting) core files dumped in /storage/.cache/cores/

    Pi2/3 version

    Seems like the fresh start has resolved my crashing/performance issues.