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    Thanks for the answer :) I'm trying to install LE along with Android in the nand of an Amlogic box (Mecool Ki Pro) to make a dualboot system. I already managed to do that with my own aml_autoscript and copying SYSTEM in Android's /system and using /data as /storage for LE, but this way the /storage is shared between the two operating systems and cause troubles when it's time to do either a Hard Reset in LE, or factory reset in Android, ending with a reset for both systems xD.

    So I was finding a way to "isolate" the LE files, so I can make a flasheable ZIP that do the factory reset of Android by erasing all files except the LE image. However, I don't know if having the /storage inside a image file will slow down the performance of the system.

    I think I'll have to find the way to create another partition for LE storage.

    Hi! I'm wondering if it's posible to mount the /storage folder from an image file instead of from a partition. With image file I mean a file mounted in loop mode, having write access and with a fixed or dinamic size (the same as virtual machines hard disks files). Maybe with a mount command at startup? Or mount with bind option. Thanks.

    Hi! I have a Mecool Ki Pro box and managed to run CoreElec itself also from nand without deleting Android! Simply assign the label COREELEC to /dev/system, STORAGE to /dev/data, mount /dev/system and copy the content of /flash to it with cp -a /flash/* <mountpoint>

    Then, the minimum files to have in the root of any SD/flash drive with a FAT16/32 partition of almost any size is aml_autoscript, dtb.img and kernel.img, with that the box load only the kernel from the SD/flash drive and the rest is loaded from /dev/system. I can see the Android system files with a "ls /flash" and of course the data with "ls /storage".

    For LE obviously change the above to LIBREELEC for /dev/system, and LIBREELEC_DISK or STORAGE for /dev/data, depending of the LE version as wrxtasy stated in the main message.

    With this it would be possible even to make scripts/addons that takes advantage of this method and make backups of Android apk's or put any APK that will be installed on next Android boot xD and from the Android's point of view, I don't think it care of having the SYSTEM file on it's system root, unless you apply an update and that update formats /system or remove the files... in that case will only have to copy again the CE/LE files to /flash and maybe assign again the label, even I think that can create a flashable ZIP for install/recover it from recovery.

    One of the problems I see is what would happen when applying an CE/LE tar update, I'll try hehe, if CE/LE only replaces SYSTEM, kernel.img without formatting /flash it would be ok Edit: tested it and it don't format /flash, so no problem:) the other only problem is what I noticed here some months ago, NEVER do a hard-reset with /dev/data shared as LE/CE will wipe all /storage data, so not only LE/CE will reset but also Android xD

    Edit 2: it's ok to do a soft-reset, as it only remove config files, addons, etc. without deleting videos, downloads... so it also don't remove Android files :D

    Ok this is nice hehe, this increases the speed but I warn you: NEVER do a hard reset from LibreElec settings as I did... it will erase ALL folders within /data and therefore, all settings and applications of Android xD

    It's normal, /data is mounted in /storage and LE doesn't expect there to be non-Kodi files there. It would be nice if there was a way to mount /storage in a subfolder of /data, but I think it would be a little complicated.