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    I installed the Krypton version on my M8S, and it works, but it don't support my usb remote control. I can use only it's integrate airmouse, but the build doesn't see the button pression. I've also tried with keymap editor, but it doesn't see the button pression, too.
    I had not this problem with LibreELEC-Amlogic.arm-M8S-7.0.2 from amlinux.

    EDIT: Now I installed your 20170208 build and also the usb remote works well.

    I downloaded the zip file. -- extracted to my usb. use the toothpick method... update from ext.. select the and ---- signature verification failed..
    Please help

    Try to format the pendrive again (FAT32) and extract again the files inside it. Maybe something is corrupted.

    Can somebody test to see if DOWNLOADS directory is visible Via File Manager.
    I have no way of getting to it after this Update. (I have all files to be shown in my settings.)

    It is visible on network via SMB shares. Weird.

    I see it, but only after I added it as new source.

    I had the same issue with nand version on my minimx 1-8, as you can see here: LibreELEC
    For now I've solved using the SD versione that seems not affected by the problem.
    I'll try with the last build.

    PS. I've LG tv too

    I tried the sd version... and the issue seems not there.

    S905_107L for sure. I wiped everithing, flashed sd version of latest minimx firmware (s905_107L1_sdcard) and then flashad LE.

    Someone reported similar situation on another forum (M18 with Android in NAND and boot OE from SD card). How he fixed the problem was unplug the power of the TV (not only power off). He first boot to Android to check resolution setting, then boot OE again and problem gone!

    I have LE on nand, so I can't try that way, but anyway I think it is a software problem, because I flashed back Alex's OE (wiping everithing again) and it recognize my tv as [email protected] and I have no video issue.
    This evening I also tried to flash LE again, but the issue was still there.

    PS. Sometime happens also that LE deletes all my kodi favourites... I've seen this already 2 times in 2 days. Luckily I have a backup.

    I had openelec on nand and I decided to switch to LE (003). I wiped data, restored android and flashed LE using toothpick method.
    When I power on the box (MiniMX 1-8) it starts with 720p resolution (even though the tv is FHD)... but it's not a big problem. The issue is when I try to play a 1080p movie, because I see something like this:

    I see something like that also if i try to change resolution to 1080p in settings, but if I give a (blind) confirmation and I reboot the box it keeps the 1080p setting and I have no problem... until I turn off tv and box, because when I power em on again everything starts from the beginning.
    There wasn't this issue on OE.