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    One year later, but I have a question regarding this addon. I've been trying both Pi-Hole and AdGuard Home these past week to see how they worked. I kind of like AdGuard more, since I can use Cloudflare for DNS, but I have an important issue and it's that Chrome (or chromium based browsers) won't block ads on Android. I can see apps blocking ads, other browsers (the one that comes with MIUI) also do block ads, but Chrome and Samsung browser didn't.

    I guess it's some kind of misconfiguration on my part? I'm using your Pi-Hole right now (which blocks everything) but I would really like to use AdGuard. Running this on some chinese TV box with libreelec installed, in case it helps.

    Hello, is anyone else having issues sometimes with video playback? I have a Mini M8S and sometimes I have no playback. I have tested this with Twitch addon, Youtube and Acestream. When I try to watch a Twitch stream, for example, I have the play icon above in the screen like it's playing it but I'm still in the UI and I can move in it. In Acestream I have sound but a black screen. This isn't resolved until I somehow succeed in playing a video somewhere in libreelec, it's only then when everything works as it should.

    I don't know what's triggering the issue or the solution, it's like the decoder cannot be started or something. Tried to look for info in this forum but most of what I found has no relation with my issue, and there is 117 pages here (and it's not in the known bugs of the first page).

    Can someone tell me if this is a known bug or if there is a solution to this? It's a little bit boring to have to open dozens of videos everytime this happens.


    I leave this to a rTorrent jedi (but think it has already be mentioned/solved in this thread)

    Indeed it was. Link if someone else has this issue in the future.

    By the way, your repo is quite a time saver when setting up media servers in tiny boxes like mine. I spent like a couple of weeks researching packages for arm64 and so, if only I knew I had most of them a few clicks away sooner... Great work.

    Hello guys, I'm kinda new to LibreElec. I have a small box (Mini M8S) that I want to use as a low power home media server attached to an external USB HDD. Tried Ubuntu for a while but couldn't get everything I wanted to work correctly. So now I'm giving a try to LibreElec and so far it's been better.

    When I had Ubuntu, I had Sonarr and Transmission to download things automatically. Now in LibreElec I installed Sonarr addon and I tried rutorrent for the download client, both from thoradia repo. But I'm unable to setup rtorrent in Sonarr. I tried several paths for the RPC, ports... I tried to find a solution navigating through the config files but no luck so far. Can you tell me what I'm not doing correctly? At this point, after several hours trying to find information everywhere, I can have the solution right in front of me and I wouldn't realize.