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    just for info, it does work with a 11500 cpu and asrock Z590 gaming motherboard with native HDMI, i just get lipsync issue's with that combo

    will try and work out how to run proptest tomorrow hopfully

    Try this build

    no good am affraid, same as other builds no 24p

    i think i managed to get a dmesg debug log and the intel reg dump, from the Ubuntu install so hopfully they might help and reopened my ticket

    failing on a certificate part at the moment for building my own kernal, i suspect i need to point something to the certs somewhere

    just tried with the ubuntu install currently on there and i can go from 4k60 to 1080p24 but won't then let me go to 4k24 only 4k60, it does list all the modes my TV can support though

    when i hit apply i loose signal and tv goes to the default 1080p60 no signal mode until it auto reverts back as not been able to confirm it

    hoping to have at least some logs and info from the box which might be able to help, i inititialy gave up as i couldn't compile my own kernal, but i am hoping these will be better than nothing

    nearly bedtime though so tomorrow's fun

    giving it another go to try and get the info needed to try and assist in a fix, just installed ubuntu 22.04 and cannot change to 4k24hz there either, need to upgrade the kernal somw how first though hehe

    kernal updated to 5.19 and still the same, so no to try and get the logs

    sorry if i am waffling, i have no friends i can bounce things around with and the wife just gives me the look

    Just out of curiosity and cause I might be moving towards a NUC11TNKi5 (which does - according to the specs - support Dolby Vision).

    Would your build with the currently enabled/patched intel "drivers" also play DV content correctly, as it does with HDR content?
    Thanks in advance!

    i have been testing a NUC11TNKI5 and having horrible HDMI issue's HDMI 1 is DP to HDMI via LSPCON and has problems with my amp and tv, and HDMI 2 uses a retimer and it wont change refresh rates lower than 50hz

    just to update, i have success with the PC build, 11500 cpu and ASrock gaming 4 motherboard, HDR, Atmos and 24p all working

    i am new to LE and wondering what DRM Prime is all about, if i enable that the video sorta plays it switches to 24p and i get Atmos audio but the display stays on the kodi movie library

    correction, getting little audio blips and it's out of sync but a step in the right direction at least for me

    just wondering why only the NUC gives problems, i have an 11th gen cpu and asrock motherboard with native HDMI here i will get working for the weekend so i can test more

    sorry for highjacking the thread a little but could be useful info for others to think about before buying a NUC, got 3 weeks to return mine :)

    i think i have to put it down to the NUC11's HDMI implementation is just awful as the only device i am having HDMI problems with, n2+, xbox, cable box, non NUC pc all work fine :(

    with some more testing i think i have worked out that HDMI port 1 is from display port via lspcon and this port will not work at all going through my amp not even bios access but will work direct to TV and refresh rate works but if i don't lower the hdmi mode from 3 to 2 on the TV i'm limited to 4k30hz

    HDMI port 2 i think is the native one and this will work going through my amp, any HDMI mode on the TV works but will not change refresh rate to 24p on any of them, will not change refresh rate direct to TV also

    Hi All,

    Am needing time to get proper logs but am experiancing a few issue's with these builds, i couldn't get xrandr to run on these builds so have installed the latest le10 to get the HDMI info as wasn't sure which port was the native HDMI

    using a NUC11TN, I am connected to the native HDMI port to my AVR Arcam 550 going to a panasonic JZ1500, with both LE10 and these builds i cannot get refresh rate change to work just hangs on black screen till i press stop hopfully the logs will help there, i also couldn't connect to the SMB share on this build but LE10 works fine, HDR does output though with refresh rate disabled, i also think the Hot plug disabled build is a little more unstable for me and very easy to have to force a reboot to get display back

    does anyone with a NUC11 have working refresh rate change?

    In /storage/.kodi/addons/ remove inputstream.adaptive, inputstream.rtmp, imagedecoder.raw, vfs.rar, pvr.hts and reboot box.

    Hi there

    i am a libreelec convert and on the learning curve but i cannot find those items, are they accessible via the samba share?, and i also cannot get UHD rips to play, does it have folder support or is it ISO only at the moment

    just to add i have managed to find this in the log for UHD playback CDVDInputStreamBluray::Logger - bluray.c:1384: libbluray version 1.0.1, it needs to be version 1.02