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    from a price perspective and meeting my end user goals,

    The Minix U9 is the perfect purchase for the time being, it runs smooth and handles every format i throw at it cost to me was £89, wife can also use this with out phoning me

    intel NUC7I7BNK, doesn't handle every format i throw at it, requires many different pieces of software to do what i need and still no software handles 24p 4k HDR MKV's easy enough cost over £500, wife will not use it

    so i consider the Minix as a throw away when something better comes i'll replace it but for now with CE i have a better Kodi experience than i would with mainline, get HDR working with Intel hardware and i'd gladly use that

    For what it's worth I still have the issue in this CoreElec build. The only way I can swap it always switching to the CoreElec input is to disable CEC completely, which then means I can't use my TV remote. I think it might be something to do with the flaky HDMI CEC support on my LG C7 OLED :(

    CEC in general is awful, i have just found out if i have my Minix u9 plugged into my amp i cannot use the ARC function from TV to AMP

    Works fine for me... Or are you talking about the custom s912 from boot2k3, which has nothing to do with this tread.

    the custom 912 and it does have something to do with this thread as we can help test the patches early for Adam as we have no dev build but then again it depends on the point of view you take

    I could but wrxtasy does not publish his changes online so without knowing what changes he has made it makes it kind of difficult.

    i don't think many code changes where done, just need to disable dirty regions is what i'm getting from wrxtasy's post

    In /storage/.kodi/addons/ remove inputstream.adaptive, inputstream.rtmp, imagedecoder.raw, vfs.rar, pvr.hts and reboot box.

    Hi there

    i am a libreelec convert and on the learning curve but i cannot find those items, are they accessible via the samba share?, and i also cannot get UHD rips to play, does it have folder support or is it ISO only at the moment

    just to add i have managed to find this in the log for UHD playback CDVDInputStreamBluray::Logger - bluray.c:1384: libbluray version 1.0.1, it needs to be version 1.02