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    Hi nice work.
    I installed transmission on my libreelec 7.0.2 on Raspberry Pi B and i see i problem that I have a lot of time ago on openelec.

    The problem was that during boot, transmission starts "too early": it starts before any external disk is mounted and then it can't access to the download, incoming and watch folder that i simlinked to and external disk.

    On openelec after investigations i solved by setting type to idle on the systemd service file, but it doesn't seems to work anymore: after this charge transmission daemon doesn't start anymore.

    Can you please check your version with the last openelec version if something else must be changed.

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    Same problem.

    A "play" a lot. I tried also to change the port number and even try to enable the random range.

    A lot of reboot to try if something changes. Then i rebember that some days ago i updated docker and probably i never check that transmission was working.

    Another docker update was waiting and i update (version 7.0.106) and this after a reboot solve the problem.

    I revert to the standard port settings

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