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    Greater community participation in the maintenance process would be welcomed.

    I'll do my very best. First of all InuSasha has to explain me in German how github works 8o

    Just did the "hello world" example after creating an account last night :D

    I'm in contact with the package maintainers now and I'm quite sure the changes will be in the official addon soon.

    After "some" testing and research I set up my buildbox and build a real VAAPI HW accelerated and enabled chromium Version ;)

    You can easily check the used decoder with chrome://media-internals

    browser.chromium.63.0.3239.108 <- for LibreELEC 8 x86_64 and of LE9 nightly x86_64

    Works fine on my Celeron Braswell NUC. h264 and VP8 GPU decoding is working. H264 up to 1080p60 smooth.

    Just one problem ... on "Twitch" eg. the video freezes if an advertising starts ... I've no clue why. Doesn't seem related to the VAAPI-HW decoder patch. Same with software decode.

    EDIT: With h264ify and adblock addon it works like a charm. Smooth (unencrypted) playback up to 1080p60 on NUC5CPYH! I don't know why these patches are not already in LibreELEC source addon chromium. Maybe it breaks something on other systems than Intel.

    Do you know which file this addons starts? Is it storage/.kodi/addons/ ?

    Because if I open Chrome with Sandmanns Amazon Video Plugin I still dont get Sound.

    The Startscript is storage/.kodi/addons/browser.chromium/bin/chromium or storage/.kodi/addons/

    This script starts then chrome.bin resp. chrmium.bin

    I added a few libraries from olehenrikj addon needed for Libreelec 8. So I can use it on the stable LibreELEC branch. Nothing else changed.

    Every video decoding seems to be software decoded (ffmpeg). Very usable of course, even on my Celeron NUC. But not perfect.

    The hardware acceleration flags are present in chrome://flags.

    A usable Browser is the only thing I missed so far in Kodi / LibreELEC.

    Finally I can get rid of my dual OS Windows installation, at least with the release of LibreELEC 9

    It's the chrome parameter "--alsa-output-device=".

    This can be e.g. the ALSA device alias.

    You can identify your alias with aplay -L

    In my case (Intel NUC, HDMI Output):

    my desired setting must be hdmi:CARD=PCH