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    I have a S905X and S912 Box and use 2 monitors: AOC 3D 1080p and a prof. LG UHD HDR monitor. All I can say is that switching between 4k HDR 10bit (BT.2020) and SD (BT.709) works very good. Period.

    Test on Box Bqeel S9Cmax (S905X), starting from mmc card:

    (Android 6.0.1 Box)

    WLAN now works! (2.4 GHz, 71 Mbit/s)

    TV Streaming works fine.

    But... I also get 2 interfaces wlan0 and wlan1 with different MAC and IP on 2.4 GHz.

    wlan 0 uses the Android system name M9Cmax and MAC B4:04:...

    wlan 1 uses systemname LibreELEC and MAC B6:04...

    Both are working but only the first connection works.

    The WLAN driver graps first the Android conf.

    I bought 2 China Android Boxes from Bqeel:

    M9Cmax (S905X) and K12 (S912), both with 2GB RAM, 16GB EMMC, Android 6.0.1

    (My new Dell XPS has only HDMI 1.4a, no UHD HDR...)

    The Android 6 system is really poor. The video drivers have double cpu and memory load. Measured with Syteminfo.

    But with LibreELEC you get very good results. No difference between S905X and S912! But the S912 has much better LAN and WLAN hardware.

    Test with LibrELEC, Kodi 17.6

    4k UHD video on Bqeel TV Box (S912):

    24 fps:

    CPU load: 3% (I only can see the first 3 kernels nearby 0,0%)

    memory load: 381 MB = 21%
    temperature: 64 °C

    60 fps:

    CPU load: 6%

    memory load: 490 MB = 27%

    temperature: 66 °C

    That are very good results for such a little SoC.

    ...and 128 GB Samsung EVO Plus Micro SDXC also works.

    To get proper 4k UHD output and working HDR (ITU-R BT.2020, 10 bit, no dither, no banding = deep color) I had to test a long time.

    Result: You have to set the resolution to [email protected] Adjust frame rate at start/stop.

    Then my professional 4k LG monitor automatically switches to HDR (HDMI 2.0a) and videos play smoothly. Very brillant and colorful picture.
    YES, UHD is well supportet (HDMI 2.0a).

    Don't say the S912 is a poor choice anymore!! The latest LibreELEC (with libhybris) works very fine and better than Android.

    The result counts.

    Many thanks kszaq!